Increase Your Profits With Great EMail Lists

Increase Your Profits With Great EMail Lists

It seems everyone you know has a blog. But everyone you know does not use their blog to make money. Some want a lot of followers, but never invest the time and effort needed to make their blogs profitable. These are people who want to share information, usually on a personal level, and they are holding onto the tail of technology to make that happen.

Then there is the true blogger. The Creators of these sites are in it for the long haul. They invest in creating a blog site that has lots of followers. In fact, their goal is to have followers that will return again and again. This is the lifeline of the blog. They also want to make money on their blog.

The true blogger knows their email address lists are critical to the life of their blog. They promote their sites and capture email addresses through the site. They address every issue and answer every question posed to them.  They nurture their email address lists and continually monitor it. If they do not, it soon grows thick with weeds that will strangle it.


You have probably already read about the tools available to turn your clicks into cash. But we encourage you to get familiar with the basics.

Bad info makes ineffective lists

There are some email addresses that you do not want to capture. They are emails that begin with Info@ or Sales@ or admin@ (etc.)

Sending emails to these addresses:

  • Will not get you sales
  • Will not gain followers
  • Could get your site Blacklisted as a SPAM site
  • Will gain you a lot of errors which you have to wade through every time you access your list

Many people set up fake email accounts because they want to taste the fruit of your labor but do not want to hear from you again. Others simply fake the email address. If your email list is compiled of these types of emails, it is pretty much worthless. You cannot use it to promote your site.

How can you fix this?

The best action is to be proactive. You need some great email verification review software. Email verification review by is an industry leader. They can clean up your email lists lightning fast. They filter our invalid address and role-based addresses. They filter out broken links and expired email addresses. This software makes your email list a profit-making tool. Your list continually grows with good information and your site grows with it.

The SEO nightmare

When people started hearing about SEO tools, many companies started zeroing in on keywords and flooding their content with those keywords. That worked for a very little while. Then Google and other large search engines caught on to what they were doing and gave them a virtual spanking. Misuse of SEO tools and keywords can result in being pushed very low on search engine results pages. This means, people who are looking for your services will not find you unless they know you by name.

Google will warn a company of abuse and if not addressed promptly, you could be blacklisted from search engines. This is the worst thing that can happen to you. Everyone goes to the internet to find what they need and if they don’t find you, they will find your competition.

There are software programs available that will help you create sound web pages with good SEO tools. Unless you are a cutting-edge pro at this, you should read more here.

Creating and maintaining a good and profitable email lists is the first step in turning a profit in the world of blogging. The second step is to nurture and grow your list. As your customer base grows, your list must evolve to assist beginners and seasoned users. With the proper tools in place, this is easily done. You are literally just a few clicks away from profits.


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