Is it okay to sleep with Socks on?

Most of the time, my family is an easygoing bunch. However, once in a while a topic will come up when we are all gathered at the dinner my family is an easygoing bunch. However, once in a while a topic will come up when we are all gathered at the dinner table that ends up sparking a World War I level debate. That’s when we know that you have a real controversial issue on our hands.

You may not realize it but sleeping in socks is one of the most polarizing subjects in modern society. Certain individuals are staunchly pro sleeping in socks; they believe that there is a whole host of benefits that come with sleeping in them. Alternatively, some are dead set against it- string anti sock sentiments have brought many a people together.

While a lot of people choose not to wear socks at night out of personal reasons, others hold firm in their belief due to superstitions. One particular superstition warns that sleeping in socks can lead to nightmares. Another one states that sleeping in socks is the perfect cure for foot cramps.

As you can probably guess, most superstitions are just that- superstitions and olf wives’ tales. So this leaves the question: is it ok to sleep with socks on?

Socks on or off- what’s the real truth?

Is it okay to sleep with socks on? The answer is yes. Keeping your feet warm before bed has been proven to aid sleep in several ways that include:

  • Women going through menopause can benefit from wearing socks to sleep as it helps to regulate nighttime hot flashes.
  • The warmth on the feet causes dilation of the blood vessels in the feet, which causes increased blood flow that then signals the body that it is time to fall asleep.
  • People who wear socks to sleep fall asleep a lot faster (15 minutes faster to be exact) than people who don’t.
  • Sleeping in socks is great for the regulation of body temperature, which tends to dip as the night progresses. Being able to steer clear of the dips allows sock wearers to enjoy deeper, longer periods of rest.
  • If you suffer from dreadfully cracked heels, sleeping in socks after moisturizing your feet thoroughly can prevent them from cracking any further.
  • Based on traditional Chinese medicine, sleeping in socks promotes the flow of positive energy. It is said that warm feet allow the circulation of not just your blood, but qi as well. 
  • Socks are essential in preventing Raynaud’s attacks. Raynaud’s disease affects patches of skin usually around the fingers and toes. When it strikes, it causes the areas to lose circulation, leading to painful throbbing or swelling. Wearing nice, comfy socks can prevent this from happening by ensuring that the feet always remain warm.

Which socks are best for sleeping in?

If you are going to sleep in socks, you should know that not all types will give you a positive experience. You want to go for comfy socks that have been made from soft fibers such as cashmere or merino wool. 

Because these materials are durable and long-lasting, they will likely cost you a little more than a regular pair of artificial socks would. However, you will notice that they are well worth the money as soon as you put them on.

Make sure that pair that you wear fits nicely- anything too tight will definitely constrict your circulation, which will beat the purpose of having them on in the first place. Be careful not to overhear as it may also interfere with your sleep. A quality pair of thermal socks (well-researched  buying guide here) can ensure that you stay warm, but not too warm.

Avoid wearing your compression socks to bed unless it has been specifically prescribed by your doctor. Although compression socks are designed to increase blood flow, they are not designed for sleeping.

Things to keep in mind when sleeping in socks

Don’t wear the same pair of socks twice

Although you may be tempted to sleep in your day socks, it is not advisable. Don’t wear socks that you’ve had on all day to bed as they could be filled with sweat and all sorts of bacteria that you do not want to introduce to your clean sheets. As such, you should always change into a clean pair of socks before sleeping.

It helps to take a bath before bed

Not only will a warm bath allow you to fall asleep faster, but it will also wash away all those nasty germs and bacteria that may have built up during the day.

Dry your feet completely

Before putting on your sleeping socks, you want to make sure that your feet are as dry as possible. This will prevent bacteria that may cause serious fungal infections from building up.

What if it gets too hot?

If it gets unbearably hot, there is no reason to keep your socks on as it could work against you. Simply slip them off when you notice that they have become uncomfortable. If you insist on sleeping with them on, it could cause you to develop an odor, which is the last thing you want especially if you share a bed or a room with someone else.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been told that wearing socks in bed is bad before, then you might need to re-evaluate your decision. As it turns out, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping in socks, regardless of what you may have heard.

There are actually a few benefits associated with sleeping in socks. For instance, the simple act of wearing socks while sleeping can promote better sleep. It also allows wearers to fall asleep faster for longer. A few studies even found that sleeping in socks can increase your orgasm potential considerably and it all has to do with improved blood flow.

If those are not good enough reasons to start sleeping in socks today, what more do you need to be convinced?



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