Know When You Should Go For A Hysterectomy

The surgical procedure that uses an incision in the abdomen to remove the uterus is called abdominal Hysterectomy. The uterus or the womb is where the baby grows when the woman gets pregnant. The doctor may suggest a partial Hysterectomy where just the uterus is removed. A total Hysterectomy(TAH) is done when there is a need to remove the cervix along with the uterus.

Hysterectomy may also include removing one or both the ovaries and the fallopian tube. This procedure is called total Hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy.

Hysterectomy may be performed by doing an incision in the vagina which is called vaginal Hysterectomy. The other method is to use a laparoscope or through a robotic surgical method. In this method, some thin and long instruments are passed through incisions made in the abdomen.

Reasons to do an abdominal Hysterectomy

A total abdominal Hysterectomy is suggested if the woman:

  • Has a large uterus
  • Needs to be checked for other diseases which is done by checking the pelvic organs
  • Is recommended by the doctor to have an abdominal Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is done to treat the following conditions:

  • Gynecologic cancer – This is a cancer that is formed in the cervix or the uterus. In such cases, a Hysterectomy is the best option. If the case is advanced then the doctor may suggest chemotherapy or radiation
  • Fibroids – Fibroids are the tumors in the uterus that causes anemia, pain in the pelvic, continuous bleeding or pressure on the bladder. In such cases, Hysterectomy is the only permanent solution. You may however be suggested a non-surgical treatment if the size of the tumor is small.
  • Endometriosis – This is where the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus starts to grow outside the uterus and on the ovaries, fallopian tube or on the other abdominal or pelvic organs. In case the situation cannot be treated with medication then Hysterectomy is the option where the ovaries and the fallopian tubes are removed.
  • Uterine prolapse – The uterus descends in the vagina when the tissue and the ligaments that support it start to weaken. This could lead to urinary incontinence, difficulty in passing bowel or pressure on the pelvic. A Hysterectomy is used to treat the condition.
  • Abnormal bleeding in the vagina – In case you experience heavy bleeding, and your period cycle is prolonged or irregular then Hysterectomy can be used to control the bleeding when other methods fail.
  • Chronic pelvic pain – The chronic pelvic pain arises in the uterus and surgery is the last option for this. However, it is important to know that many pelvic pain forms cannot be treated with Hysterectomy and when done unnecessarily it can create some other problems. Thus evaluate well before you opt for a Hysterectomy to treat pelvic pain.


It is important to know that once you do a Hysterectomy, your ability to get pregnant again ends. There are some other alternative surgeries that you may want to ask your doctor in case you want to get pregnant again. However, in case you have cancer then doing a Hysterectomy may be the only option. But for cases as endometriosis, fibroids or uterine prolapse there may be other treatments that are less invasive.




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