Langkawi: An Ultimate Beach Destination with Economy and Entertainment

When planning a family trip that involves kids, a lot of thought of and planning needs to go in. You need to choose a place that offers enough to keep the kids entertained while at the same time provides the much-needed relaxation for you. Above everything else, you also need it to be budget friendly since most of the passengers are going to be sponsored by you. If you are longing for a relaxing, entertaining and budget-friendly beach holiday, head on to Far East towards the Langkawi island in Malaysia.

Although the Thai beaches have already played a significant role in attracting western tourists to the Thai island, this one is a little off the beaten path although it borders Thailand. Popularly known as the Jewel of Kedah, unlike many Thai island, this one is dominated by carefully landscaped lush green winding roads, densely forested mountains that have well-conservated wildlife, well-developed attractions, and entertainment options and clean, pristine beaches. The best part is it is incredibly economical, which means you can have a great beach getaway with your family. Here is all that you need to know when you plan a trip to Langkawi.

How to Pack

Unlike beach destinations in Thailand such as Phuket, there are little to no direct flights flying to Langkawi. This means that you will either be taking a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur airport to Langkawi or if you plan to cover other parts of Malaysia, you can also use one of the ferry services from Penang, Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. If you are planning to fly into the island, know that a full board airline that includes your luggage will cost you much higher and a no-frills airline will charge you additionally for check-in sized baggage. Likewise, even if you intend to use the ferry, carrying the full sized suitcases can be a lot of hassle especially when loading and offloading since you will have to manage that on your own.

It is highly recommended that instead of taking large suitcases, you take backpacks for each of the individual family members. If you plan to do Langkawi only, own backpacks with essential clothing will suffice as Langkawi is a well-developed island and you will quickly find everything available there. If you plan to have an extended trip that covers other parts of the countries and need to carry a large suitcase, you should still carry backpacks for Langkawi and use the baggage storage services at the airport or ferry stations to store your large bag. Backpacks are not only fashionable, but will also reduce your travel costs when traveling on a budget airline, but will also make moving a lot more hassle-free. You can check out backpacks by Tumi for one of the most unusual varieties of fashionable, durable and spacious backpacks.

What to Do?

Langkawi has something to offer for everyone in the family. Since the beach strip is pretty large offering beach resorts that cater to all budget needs, it is highly recommended that you stay at one of the beach resorts that offers beach access. This will let you unwind on the beach decks under the sun, sipping on your cocktail while your kids enjoy sand and water fun. Other activities include a trip to one of the highest suspension bridges in the world that is accessible by one of the steepest cable cars in the world, a magnificent 3D Art Museum, an interactive petting zoo and nature parks and island hopping excursions.


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