Legality of CBD in Kenya: Why It’s in Such High Demand

As so many other countries have been legalizing CBD and even cannabis, you may be wondering if Kenya has recently done the same. Maybe there in the process of making it legal, some might ask. Is CBD flower legal in Nairobi? To be straightforward, it’s illegal. It’s not only illegal to use CBD flower and other related products, but you also can’t harvest or sell it. It is just as illegal and punishable as cannabis, or “bhang”, even though there are pretty major differences in effects.

We’ll be going over the main differences between CBD and THC as well as CBD benefits. We’ll also be going over the current status of CBD in Kenya, alongside possibilities of future legalization.

What is CBD and How is it Different from THC?

A lot of people think that CBD is the same as THC and they often use them interchangeably when talking about one or the other. CBD generally interacts with CB2 receptors, while THC usually binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. There are some similarities and differences that we’ll take a look at, just so you get a better general understanding of both.

Similarities between CBD and THC:

  • Both interact with endocannabinoid system
  • Both help with anxiety, stress, migraines, and are anti-inflammatory

Here’s where they really start to differ:

  • THC has psychoactive effects, or gets you “high”, CBD does not
  • THC increases appetite, CBD does not
  • THC does not help with your psychosis, while CBD does

So, the fact that CBD is a lot more mild and doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects and most likely does not show up on drug tests, makes it a lot more confusing and frustrating that it is still illegal in Kenya.

Benefits of CBD Flower

There’s a wide range of CBD Flower benefits. But the main reasons people enjoy it so much is that it helps reduce anxiety, stress, and pain.

Most use CBD flowers for anxiety.  In fact, over half of people who take CBD use it specifically to calm their anxiety.  This is because it helps relax the entire body and mind. People like to use it during their downtime or when they’re feeling stressed.

CBD flower for pain is another major reason for its popularity. Its analgesic properties interact in our endocannabinoid system, sending signals to calm the area where pain is felt. Those with chronic inflammation, arthritis, and back pain find that CBD really helps manage the pain a lot more. The great thing is that it has very few side effects, so there’s another reason people prefer to use it.

Since it’s so relaxing and calming, it can actually help improve your sleep. Many find that taking it an hour or two before bed helps them get into relaxation mode and by the time they get in their bed, they are more likely to fall asleep. This can be super helpful, especially if you find you don’t have much energy the next day because of bad sleep.

Ways in Which CBD is Used in Today’s World

As we mentioned earlier, one of the really popular ways that CBD is used is in its flower bud or nug form. Many enjoy inhaling it in via pipe or rolled up.

Another way people use cbd that has been even more popular but also controversial is using it as an e-cigarette or vape pen form. Typically, you buy a CBD cartridge for the vape pen or e-cig and simply insert it. They come in a variety of sweet “flavors” that make it even more desirable to use.

CBD also comes in a vape juice or oil form. This can also be used along with e-cigarettes, but many like to take it directly in their mouth. The dropper makes it easier to use, is much faster, and less messy.

If you’re not into vaping or inhaling CBD, they’ve come up with really sweet ways to enjoy it. CBD gummies are also favorable within the CBD community. It comes in a ton of fruity flavors for those that have a sweet tooth.

With a variety of different options and flavors to choose from, it’s no surprise that its popularity and demand has been increasing worldwide and in Kenya.

Increase in Trafficking and Demand from Black Market

Nairobi is a main hub of the illegal cannabis and CBD market. It’s popularity and desire has increased so much, that people are finding ways to illegally buy, sell, and transport there. Because it’s so hard to keep track of the imports within Kenya, it has made trafficking CBD and THC a lot easier. A lot of it is smuggled in from places like Ethiopia but getting caught with even a little bit can put you in hot water.

Is CBD in the process of becoming legal in Kenya?

There’s a lot of push and petitions to make CBD, and cannabis in general, legal in Kenya. One good thing is that in 2018, cannabis became legal in South Africa. This can mean that there will be a lot more petitions and propositions to make it legal in Nairobi as well. There’s a good chance that it’s heading in the right direction, it could be sooner than you think.







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