Low on Budget? Here’s How You Can Save Big!

Traveling itself is so pleasurable that there isn’t a vacation when you cannot think of traveling. Traveling gives you the opportunity to explore new places and to capture the special moments in your hearts. While traveling, you meet new people and get introduced to different cultures that cannot be enjoyed merely by going through a travel diary or an online travel journal. Thus, traveling becomes a part of our lives.

With so many new places to visit and so many weekends to plan for, don’t you think you have to cut down your budget to accommodate all your wishes? Yes, of course! However, how do you manage to travel every place and yet not empty your pockets? Perhaps this guide will help you!

  • Check if You are Eligible for Discounts: Most of the countries ensure that a particular age group receives certain flexibilities while traveling. If you have a little girl traveling with you, make sure you board the train or flight that offers a discount for kids. Similarly, if you are a retired professional and you want to explore the places with your spouse, board those trains and flights that would give you a special treatment when it comes to economic factors.
  • Buy the Tickets Using Coupon Codes: The world has transformed with the help of digitalization. Now, you don’t need a politician to sign a letter saying you need reimbursements. There are plenty of websites that would give you the coupon codes for booking flights, trains, and other vehicles. With the help of these coupon codes, you can avail a certain amount of discount while booking a seat.
  • Twist and Turn Your Journey if You Have to: It is convenient to log in on IRCTC train search and buy the ticket such that your train takes you straight away to your desired location. However, if your budget is low, why not split your journey to make it affordable? You can change stations and board a different train in between to save some money. In this way, though you will have to move your luggage a little more, you will get a chance to take rest in between your journey, isn’t it?
  • Book Your Tickets in Advance: Barring emergencies, you always plan your travel in advance, right? So, all you have to do is make sure that you plan well in advance to save on the ticket prices. There are plenty of travel portals from where you can book your train tickets or flight tickets. For example, the on IRCTC train search itself will give you the list of trains and the ticket prices pertaining to the chosen destination. Instead of finalizing your trip, in the end, you can make the plans in advance and buy the tickets at reasonable prices.
  • Plan Your Trip According to the Rush: If you plan to travel on New Year’s Eve on a low budget, you are doomed! You have to be careful because, in order to get the tickets at a lower price, you have to avoid the rush hours.
  • Avoid Buying a Return Ticket and Buy Two Separate Singles: If you are careful while surfing through the search engines, you will realize that most of the times, if you want to buy a two-way ticket, you are shown a higher price. So, simply avoid this inconvenience. Search for and buy your return ticket as an entirely separate one. You will surely be quoted a comparatively lower price in that case.

Thus, if traveling is on your mind but your pocket isn’t full of cash, use your brains and plan your trip well. If you are clever enough to follow the instructions, you will have enough money to enjoy a fantastic trip the next time!


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