Managing Your Mental Wellbeing And Your Small Business At The Same Time

An Option Above Civilian Solutions

A basic, and considerable, step when it comes to your SMB should be cutting overhead costs and increasing profit. Until a company has reached that coveted “too big to fail” status, this is always going to be an operational strategy. Small to Medium-sized Businesses are additionally more competitive with peers than some larger operations.

Accordingly, cutting out operational costs stands to give such businesses very real competitive edge. As a positive collateral, following such an optimization scheme can be good for your mental health. Anyone who has dealt with mental health issues understands: they can be absolutely debilitating.

It’s hard enough to deal with regular life when it’s going “well”, without adding a bunch of necessary business considerations on top of it all. So what you want to do for yourself and your small business is focus on optimization, and following “the rules”. Your small business should be as “squeaky-clean” as they come in terms of legalities, and as efficient as possible.

You want to ensure all regulations are being followed comprehensively. You want to hire the kind of employees who are able to handle a load which is in continuous flux (small businesses are more apt to see flux than more established ones), and who actually have a passion for your operation. Part of sourcing the right employees is providing proper benefits, and that can include insurance.

Following Regulations

When it comes to the dying throes of Obama’s ill-fated “Affordable” Care Act, or the ACA, points out: “As the cost of insurance premiums and deductibles continue to go up, some people may choose to pay the tax penalty, which, in many cases, is cheaper than buying insurance.”

Yes, even though Obamacare has been defunded, it is still in effect through fiscal year 2018 as far as penalties are concerned. Now, whether or not those penalties are strictly enforced in the coming tax season will remain to be seen. But technically, you’re still liable for the associated fine if you don’t acquire insurance in 2018 in accordance with regulations as they pertain to small businesses

At least one silver-lining here is that having requisite healthcare solutions will help you to acquire good PR. Getting good PR means making good operational choices. You need to do your due diligence to ensure all legal requirements are met for your business, and regarding those it involves. A PR agency who sees this will be more likely to work with you, and successfully.

Of course, in terms of PR, any client can acquire an agent; but some are easier sells to the public than others, and those in PR are often more interested in finding clientele who won’t be difficult to represent.

Secure Business

When you’ve got your health figured out, you’ve found ways to reduce overhead and increase profit, and you’ve got good PR, it’s a lot easier for your business to function at a reliable baseline. When issues crop up which you couldn’t have expected, they won’t impact you as much in terms of mental health.

The problem with mental health sustainability is unpredictable instances. Many people are just an inconvenient parking ticket away from a mental breakdown, and they don’t realize it. Modern life is stressful, continuous, unfair, and uncompromising. If you’re going to make it through, you’ve got to take care of what you can.

To sum it up: don’t put off tomorrow what can be done today. Every day you’re working, find something that needs fixed, and fix it. Your small businesses is a vessel on the high seas of business, and they could turn on you at any moment. If you keep your head, you’ll make it through.



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