Matching the Perfect Lip Color to Your Skin Tone

If you’re the type of woman who usually put on lipstick every day, choosing the right shade can be bothersome. What makes it really difficult to decide on the perfect lip color? There are a few reasons that can be attributed to such an annoying situation. First, you can’t just pick whatever shade you lay your eyes on to cover your kissable lips. You have to consider the kind of occasion you are going to be part of during the day. Second, your choice of clothes to wear when going out is another thing to consider. Make sure that your lip color matches your outfit. Lastly, you also have to think about your skin tone and ask yourself, “What shade of lipstick is suitable for my skin color?”.

Let’s focus more on the most important reason why this article has been written in the first place — the perfect lip color to match your skin tone. There is a variety of lipsticks at the makeup section with different brands, colors and features to choose from. However, if you want to look your best, be sure to know which shade will complement your skin color. Yes, find an awesome color that will definitely bring out your beauty. Here are some cool tips to make the job a lot easier.

How to Find the Right Lip Color for Your Complexion

  • Know your skin tone.

One key point to know when finding the right color is to determine your skin color. Is your skin light, medium, or dark? If you have a light complexion, you will usually look pale and can easily get a sunburn. If you have a medium complexion, your skin is usually tan. If your skin is dark, you won’t have to worry about getting a sunburn.

  • Determine your undertone.

Your skin undertone is the shade that is under your natural skin color. One way to determine your undertone is by checking the veins on your wrist. What colors are they? If they are green, your skin is warm. If they are blue or purple, your skin is cool. If they are hard to recognize, your skin is neutral.

  • Experiment with different shades according to your complexion and undertone.

If you are successful in determining what your skin complexion and undertones are, it will be simpler to find the perfect color that will fit you.  Try these guidelines:


  • LIGHT COMPLEXION – pink, beige, or red
    • COOL UNDERTONES – raspberry color
    • WARM UNDERTONES – red or coral
  • MEDIUM COMPLEXION – berry or mauve
    • COOL UNDERTONES – wine
    • WARM UNDERTONES – tangerine
  • DARK COMPLEXION – deep brown or mahogany
    • COOL UNDERTONES – deep wine
    • WARM UNDERTONES – blue-based red


Final Thoughts

Now that you have these important guidelines to reckon with, choosing the perfect lip color for your skin tone will be a piece of cake. Furthermore, when you go on your next trip to the makeup counter, you will no longer be indecisive on which color to pick. Share these tips to others and be the beauty guru to your friends.


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