Most loved Ninja slots

Who doesn’t love a ninja? Also known as shinobi in Japan, a ninja was an undercover agent in Japan who was a master of deception, surprise attacks and espionage. And killer karate moves, apparently. Despite what you might think and what we seem to know from myths and legends, we know very little historical facts about ninjas as there aren’t many real historical records of these slippery spies. It has been speculated by some historians that this could indicate that ninjas were recruited from the lower classes in society and so they didn’t get a lot of interest at the time, as they would have been viewed as having little social standing. Unlike the mighty and well respected Samurai, the ninja cast aside both honour and glory and was all about trading their espionage activities for money, which is why historically they were seen in a shady light, but in more recent history they have had a better reputation and we seem to have forgiven them!

These trained spies have been inspiring films, games and books and they are extremely popular in online slot games, with multiple games out there featuring the infamous ninja – play today. Here are some of the most popular ninja inspired slot games to sink your teeth into!

Legend of the Five Ninjas

You know what they say, five ninjas are better than one… but only if they’re on your side! These undercover spies are the masters of deception, so it’s good to get them on your side and hopefully, they will help you reel in prizes beyond your wildest dreams. The game has plenty of ways to win with 243 paylines and free games on offer, as well as plenty of other exciting and enticing game features. On the reels, there are themed symbols, including the Scroll which is the Wild symbol and can be a substitute for any symbol on the reel with the exception of the Scatter symbol. The scatter symbols are represented by the Godai If you are lucky enough to land three or more of the bonus scatter symbols, you can win up to 50 free games!

The graphics on this game are brilliant, especially if you like anime and manga as the style of the visuals are created in a very similar style. This game comes highly recommended to anyone who loves ninja and Samurai inspired games, so if this is right up your street, give it a try and see if you can bag yourself those 50 free spins!

The Ninja

Step into the exciting and dangerous world of the ninja in this immersive and entertaining slot game. There will be plenty of action in this slot as it is full to the brim with features to help win yourself a fierce fortune, including bonuses and free games. Not only is this game highly lucrative, but the graphics and visuals in this game, as well as the narrative, are also beautifully put together and will make you feel completely immersed in the ancient world of the world’s most infamous spy, the legendary Ninja.

Switch stealth mode on and get ready for some espionage action as you are transported to ancient Japan while the reels roll around. The background of the reels allows the player’s imagination to run wild, with a beautiful backdrop of a night sky and the entrance to a stunning palace with mountains in the far distance. Adding to the immersive experience is the serene music and sound effects which are played throughout the gameplay, adding to the atmosphere created by the exceptional graphics.

5 Ninjas

Five Ninjas is a five-reel slot game with 25 paylines and as you might have guessed it is a themed game about ninjas and dark martial arts and is a must-play for any players who love games with cultural history. The five deadly warriors on which the game is based will appear on the reels, one on each of the reels to help players achieve winning combinations to win big. The game includes a Wild symbol which will substitute all other symbols apart from the scatter symbol and will only appear on the second and fourth reel so they are a little rarer than they are in other similar slot games. This slot game can be very lucrative as many of the symbols have high wins so you will be quid’s in once you land some winning combination!

Fortune Ninja

Taking a step away from tradition, Fortune Ninja features a female ninja, who is a little more on the cute side than you would usually expect to see in a fearsome warrior! Nevertheless, the fortune ninja certainly helps you win and is right by your side throughout your epic journey. This slot game has five reels and 25 paylines so takes on a traditional layout, with an inspiring background that is truly stunning and will make you want to play all day long! As well as looking fantastic, this slot game has a lot to offer as far as features and bonuses go. The Scatter symbol is the Fortune Ninjas herself and depending on how many scatter symbols you land depends on how many multipliers you are awarded. There are bonus games in Fortune Ninja and you can trigger a bonus game by landing three or more of the bonus symbols, which are illuminated jars on the reels. Keep your eyes peeled for the Wild symbol, which is a scroll with a dragon on it and there are also expanding wilds which will appear on the middle reel only. This slot game has a total of four levels, so there is plenty of features to keep you on your toes and the game is anything but repetitive!

Well, there you have it, a rundown of some of the best ninja inspired slot games that come highly recommended by experienced slot players. All that’s left to do now is try out your own stealth and skills on the reels and see if you can bag yourself a fortune that the ninjas would be proud of.


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