New Studies Show CBD Oil Can Treat Many Conditions

The growing popularity of Cannabidiol the past couple of years has become the catalyst for new studies in 2019, showing how CBD oil can treat many conditions. It’s no secret that researchers and physicians from around the globe have wanted to study the cannabis-plant for its health benefits. But that’s been difficult because of federal laws restricting public funding for such studies to be conducted. This has stifled the advancement of patient care, until now.

The Farm Hemp Bill of 2018 changed everything by legalizing hemp and CBD on the federal level and therefore lifting such restrictions on research. It also legitimized the CBD hemp industry in the United States, and now manufacturers and resellers can operate without fear of federal prosecution.

These legal changes redirected the trajectory of CBD hemp products and the ability for real world research to be done on a larger scale, with federal funding.

What These Studies Conclude

It hasn’t taken long for trusted names like Washington State University in 2018, who’s study concluded that CBD oil can help people manage pain without intoxication, or risk of addiction. The reason it works well to reduce pain is that CBD interacts with receptors located in the endocannabinoid system, as well as throughout cells in the body. It’s within this molecular interaction that CBD oil helps regulate many body functions, especially within pain receptors. The study showed that patients can take regular CBD dosage for pain, and not experience any addiction related symptoms.

Unlike its sister cannabinoid THC that provides a euphoric feeling when ingested, CBD will not. However, its an effective alternative to opioid pain medication that has many negative side-effects, plus high risk of addiction.

So far, 30 states have legalized medical cannabis in some form, and this opened the doors to patients and doctors using the best CBD oil for their healthcare needs. Many home-grown, local companies are producing premium CBD products, that are 3rd-party lab tested for cannabinoid content and to ensure its chemical free. Plus, state sanctioned dispensaries carry their versions of cannabidiol, which can be purchased legally by approved patients under the care of a physician.

A perfect example is in Jacksonville, where medical marijuana doctors offer a wide selection of cannabis, and CBD treatments. Some of the popular reason’s patients would need cannabis derived medications is for treating:

  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s
  • Acute anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inflammation and joint pain
  • Cancer

Legalization in Florida has led to 200,000 approved patients within the first year. The number of people who can benefit from using CBD oil is immense already and growing every day.

An important study was recently conducted by the FDA which eventually led to legalizing the first cannabis-derived medication for Epilepsy called Epidiolex. This CBD based medication is legal and prescribed to Epilepsy patients across the country in 2019. If you speak with the top neurologists in Florida, they explain how much CBD is advancing their treatment plans for these patients.

Having a medication that successfully reduces seizures intensity and duration without the negative side effects of traditional medications is invaluable.

What You Need to Know About CBD

The abbreviation CBD refers to a specific cannabinoid extracted from cannabis hemp plants. However not all CBD oil is the same and you need to know a few things. The CBD content can be different from oils bought in separate places. Depending on what the healthcare goals are will also depend on the best CBD oil to use.

If you suffer from a serious illness its important to seek the assistance of a board-certified physician before starting any dietary supplements, or medications. The studies outlined were conducted by professionals using high quality CBD oil. The doses were measured and recorded to ensure an accurate outcome. These studies have laid a foundation and roadmap for doctors to use when treating medical conditions using CBD’s.

Additional CBD Studies Planned in 2019

Much has been learned about the health benefits from using CBD oil up until now. New studies are planned for the coming year in 2019, to determine more beneficial uses for cannabidiol. One of the more interesting studies has to do with identifying and expanding CBD’s bioavailability. This will hopefully make the quality of future CBD products much higher by increasing the amount of cannabidiol that gets absorbed into the blood-stream to provide greater relief.

Moreover, independent studies have begun in countless states where cannabis is legal for either medical, or recreational purposes. In 2019 many of these private companies will make their findings public and increase the valuable information that’s already compiled and available online.

Some important studies to note involve using CBD oil as a viable medication for opioid withdrawal, the leading cause of relapse in addicted people. America is facing an opioid epidemic never seen before. This is a follow up to Dr Sanjay Gupta’s 5 year-long study which concluded that CBD can help addicts recover and stay clean, long-term. Stay tuned to see where the new studies lead to in the coming year.





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