When Are You Too Old To Get Plastic Surgery Done?

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular among senior women that want to look younger. So many mothers now opt for eyelid surgery, liposuction, facelifts and breast implants. However, there are numerous women that are afraid because they think they are too old for such a procedure. We are talking about some level of invasive procedure in all cases so risks do exist but when are you really too old to go through plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery Safety For Seniors

According to breast augmentation NYC surgeons, technology advanced a lot in the past years so we are looking at a high level of safety for practically all plastic surgeries. We can say that when you have realistic expectations and you take into account the health issues that exist, deciding whether or not surgery is safe for you is quite easy. Keep in mind that most of the plastic surgeries are not big operations. They tend to be just skin deep so they are completely safe even for seniors.

What is really important is to go through a complete and careful evaluation from the doctor in order to be sure that health is god enough. At the same time, you need to fully understand surgery implications so you can make the final choice. There are numerous reports with patients as old as 95 years old, some even having more complex procedures done, like breast augmentation. Counseling in such a situation is really important and it is up to the doctor to decide if the procedure is safe or not.

Choosing A Good Plastic Surgeon

A very important thing to understand is that there are some plastic surgeons out there that do not really care about the well-being of their patients. If you really want to get a cosmetic procedure done, you are going to find a doctor that will do it. However, this can be a bad decision in the event your health would be negatively affected. This is why it is so important to only consider working with those plastic surgeons that have a spotless reputation.

When you work with a highly experienced and honest plastic surgeon you are going to first have to go through a talk where the doctor learns what you want. Then, medical tests are done to be sure your health is proper and that there are no problems that could appear during the plastic surgery. After this another conversation happens as the doctor explains everything you have to know about the procedure and the potential risks that have to be taken into account. Only after this you should make your final decision.

Obviously, the skill of the plastic surgeon is another thing that has to be taken into account. You need to read reviews and you have to look at before and after pictures so you are 100% sure that the surgeon has the skill needed to get the procedure done exactly as it is discussed. As a senior, you should never consider hiring a plastic surgeon that does not have a lot of experience since there are different things that have to be considered for the senior patient’s well-being.



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