Outdoorsy Folks: Tech to Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Do you love the outdoors? More importantly, do you love documenting all of your outdoor adventures? Well then starting your own YouTube Channel is going to be the perfect way to share your favorite adventures, outdoor survival tips, amazing footage, best places to explore and more. Here are three types of technology that can help you get your foot in the (outdoor YouTube world) door:

Invest in a Quality Recording Device

The top outdoor YouTube vloggers typically invest in high-quality cameras, action video cameras, and even drones to document their journeys. Investing in a device like an action camera (i.e. GoPro) is going to give your followers that unique POV footage from underwater, the top of your helmet, end of your surfboard, on top of your hiking backpack and any literally other objects you can think to attach it to! These action cameras are small, durable and have a wide-angle high definition quality for dramatic pictures and videos. On the other hand, drones are able to capture incredible birds eye views wherever you’re at — from the spectacular treetops of the Sierra Nevadas to snow-covered mountains in China to the winding waters of the Amazon River. So whether you’re near or far, you’ll be able to capture every second and truly captivate your followers with 360 views of your outdoor travels.

Maintain Communication Wherever You Are

Sure, going off the grid for your outdoor adventures seems like fun. But if you really want to gain followers for your channel and across all social media platforms, then having access to the outside world is going to be key. Say you’re flying across the globe to your next filming destination and you’re on the plane with 14 hours to kill but have no internet access. The good news is modern technology has found a solution to that problem! For example, in-flight Wi-fi technology helps you communicate with your followers in real-time even in the air! You should also check out cellular service plans that allow you to travel without racking up crazy fees.This means you can keep your followers updated on where you’re at, where you’re going and when they can expect your next amazing video right from your smartphone.

Buy a Solar Powered Charger

Since you’ll be using your smartphone and other mobile devices throughout your journey to document your trip and update your followers, you’ll definitely be using up your battery life. Since you’ll likely be camping or far away from an electrical outlet, a solar-powered charger is going to be one of your must-have tech devices. Most solar-powered chargers are waterproof and can withstand even the toughest conditions. They are able to charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop even if you’re camping in the wilderness or simply just away from a power source for an extended period of time. This means you’ll be able to edit and upload new videos for your channel without having to wait until you’re home.

These three tech products will help you pursue your vlogger dreams by using the hottest technology on the market to document all of your outdoor fun. You’ll have the ability to keep in touch with your followers on the go, upload amazing content and stay charged wherever you’re at. With these tools, you’ll have a successful outdoorsy YouTube channel in no time!



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