Places You Can Visit With the Family During the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

We get a FIFA World Cup competition every four years, and 2022 takes us to Qatar. They became the first Arab country to host the tournament. And so far, it has been one of the best FIFA World Cup competitions. Qatar has organized an incredible tournament, and the nations have come to compete at the highest level. 

They’ve made the competition tough, and the World Cup odds have been tricky to bet on. It is difficult to tell how a game will go because the players and nations have been working hard to keep their team in the competition. The competition should remain exciting because some players want to make history.

If you’re in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup or visiting, there are different things you can do as the tournament is on in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are many places to visit in the country. You can consider these places when you’re not following a World Cup game. 

So, as you are in Qatar with the family, we’ve put together eight places you can visit to enjoy your time during the FIFA World Cup soccer 2022. In that case, let’s get into it without wasting time. 

The Inland Sea

The locals call the Inland Sea Khor Al-Adaid, a 15 km-long tidal bay kept inside Qatar’s desert land. The location is a one-hour drive from Doha and close to the Saudi Arabian border. The only problem is that no real road leads to the scenic waterside. Therefore, before you can get there, you need to go off-road. 

In that case, you might need to hire a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It is all worthwhile when you get to the destination and the night sky remains magnificent. 

The Corniche

If you want to go on long romantic walks with your partner or relax with the family, you should consider the 7 KM stretch of Doha’s promenade. At the Corniche, you absorb the city’s skyline and enjoy an incredible serene view. 

There are different things you can do when you visit The Corniche. Consider looking at the list to create a plan for your visit to get the best out of this place. 

The Pearl

Qatar is known for its artificial locations, and one of the best places you can visit is the artificial island called The Pearl. It is located in Doha’s West Bay area and was opened in 2006. Since then, it has been one of the most popular locations for expats working in different professions. 

If you plan to set up in the country, you can buy one of the apartments, giving you something to return to in Qatar. It is an incredible option if you plan to stay for a long time. 

The Museum of Islamic Art

It is not news that Qatar is an Islamic country, and most of its cultural heritage is engrained in the religion. If you want to enjoy the magnificence of the culture and tradition, you should take a trip to the Museum of Islamic Art. It is a beautifully created structure with different central attractions to make your visit worthwhile. 

Souq Waqif

Visit the ancient Doha shopping area. It is a significant area in the history of Qatar and has some connections to the historical people of the country. It is where the Bedouins and locals meet to trade goods. Undoubtedly, it is an incredible place to shop and enjoy the city’s serenity after a game. 

Katara Cultural Village

Visit the various simple sandwashed buildings, which are between the Pearl and West Bay. The Katara Cultural Village is home to an opera house, amphitheater, art galleries, planetarium, and libraries. You can visit this place to enjoy performances by famed scholars and singers. 

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque

Another place you can visit is the Imam Abdul Wahhab mosque, the most significant and largest mosque in Qatar. It was opened in 2011 and can accommodate up to 30,000 worshippers. It was created from sandstone. It follows the clean lines of Islamic architecture, and its simplicity sets it apart. 

National Museum of Qatar

The last option on our list is the National Museum of Qatar. Jean Nouvel, a French architect, designed it, and it is a stunning location that you should visit with the family. It is a museum that celebrates the country’s heritage, culture, and traditions.


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