Planning on Growing Your Family? Tips to Prepare

growing family

You already have an amazing spouse and beautiful children, but you’re planning on having at least one more. Even though you are excited and happy about this choice, it still can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. Lucky for you, you have nine long months to prepare yourself and the rest of your family.

Prepare Mentally

With your first baby you and your partner were able to take turns or double up on parenting responsibilities. When you add another child to the picture, it can feel like there are too many kids and not enough parents. Prepare yourself for doing things differently this time around, and know that it’s OK. You and your spouse should sit down to go over your schedules, your first child’s needs and how you plan on getting everything done.

You also may be worried about the amount of love you can spread around your house. Many parents worry that they won’t love their second child as much as the first. This is a natural concern, so don’t feel guilty about having these thoughts. Take time to appreciate your older child and make him or her feel special and loved. Recognize that your children will have different needs and accept love differently, but that doesn’t mean you’re playing favorites.

Figure Out Your Finances

Kids are expensive — there’s no getting around that. When you’re looking at your budget, consider these expenses:

  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Childcare for multiple kids
  • Groceries
  • Insurance
  • Baby gear and clothes
  • Savings

Look at how much you spent with your first child and if you can eliminate any costs. Keep in mind that you’re going to need new items no matter what, but you can use many other baby products from your first child instead of buying them all over again. Plan your new budget for your growing family well ahead of time to help you feel better prepared and in a good situation.

Make Sure You Have Room to Grow

As you’re looking at your finances and supplies, you may notice that you’re going to be a little cramped with an extra person (and a lot of stuff). Take a close look at your home to see if you have enough room to expand your family. Do you have an extra room for a nursery? Do you have enough cabinet space in your kitchen, bathroom and closets to store all of your kids’ gear? If you are out of room already, look into moving into a larger home or apartment. Add these costs to your budget and prepare your savings. If you can’t move, figure out ways you can make more room in your existing space. Get rid of or donate items you don’t need, and consider where to put everything you need.

You also should take a close look at your car. Make sure it can fit two car seats for your kids (and fit you and your partner). If you currently have a small vehicle, consider investing in a safe and high-performance minivan like the Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica will give you plenty of space to fit your car seats, diaper bags, strollers and other equipment.

Expanding your family is full of emotion and excitement. Prepare yourself and the rest of your family for the ups and downs of family life the best you can. Enjoy every moment, and get excited to greet your new baby.







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