Pocket Watch Facts You Need To Know

When one thinks of vintage jewelry, a different piece of jewelry will come into each person’s mind. What is it that comes into your mind when you think of vintage jewelry? Do you think of golden rings? Perhaps you imagine amulets of rare gemstones? Whatever it is, the fact is that vintage jewelry is a broad topic.

One specific piece of jewelry that comes into mind whenever you hear the word ‘vintage’ is the pocket watch. The pocket watch is an ingenious invention that was monumental when it first came out. However, it is interesting to note that timekeeping was not always a priority for humans.

Since the early days, we were not concerned with days or specific hours. Instead, humans lived their lives according to seasons and crop rotations. This is a very different way of life from what we know today. There was no way of communicating time. You could not simply say, ‘I will be there in 5 minutes.’ Five minutes, as a concept, did not exist.

In many ways, we have invented time. We have invented it as an aid to help up live a more organized life. Think about trying to make a bus timetable without it! How would you explain to a lost tourist when the last bus leaves the station? The truth is, you could not.

A Little Bit Of History

The vintage pocket watch as we know it today was introduced at some stage in the 1500s. Funnily enough, it is believed that the first of this watch was not worn in the pocket at all. Instead, it was placed around the neck on a much larger chain. To add to this, the pocket watch was intended for the use of women of upper society. The pocket watch remained in this bracket for many centuries.

Time was still relatively irrelevant to most people. Since those who were working class tended to work on farms, they did not have the same need for timekeeping. This all changed during the industrial revolution. Timekeeping was all of a sudden on the mind of every worker. As industry and capitalism set in, people became more and more obsessed with efficiency and money-making. In order to be efficient, people needed to be aware of how long it took a certain process to be done. It was at this time that the vintage pocket watches became mainstream. The working class now had a need for timekeeping. Disseminating into society, the pocket watch became a staple of not only fashion but of life.

The pocket watch has undergone quite a journey. Amazingly, it is still such a big part of society despite being so old. There are many dealers where you can purchase a vintage model should you so desire. Pocket watches are a great way to access the past and dress like someone from days gone by.


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