Pros and Cons of Using Fleece Fabric in Your Home

In this post, we will be looking into what fleece is, as well as the numerous pros and cons of using it. There are many different types of fleece like polar fleece, micro fleece and coral fleece to consider. However to make it simple, we will examine at the pros and cons for all types of fleece fabric.

Fleece is a synthetic fabric made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other synthetic fibers. Fleece has many properties and it was originally used in the creation of outdoor clothing but now it is being made into blankets, sheets and towels for home usage.


Soft and Breathable

Fleece has taken the best qualities of wool and have taken it a step higher. Fleece is more comfortable, breathable and softer than wool, this makes fleece excellent bedding material since it won’t suffocate you nor will it provide discomfort.

Warm and Insulating

Just like wool, fleece is an excellent insulator. That is why fleece is an excellent material to be used as blankets and comforters. There is even a variety of fleece called “Polar Fleece” which is basically a specifically designed fleece to handle cold weather conditions and increase its insulating effect.

Less allergenic

Unlike wool, fleece is less allergenic and less fatal to those with wool allergy. Fleece is basically processed wool and it has all of wools benefits without the setbacks.

Eco friendly, Comfortable and looks Beautiful

Fleece is made out of natural materials 100% synthetic free and it won’t harm the environment. Fleece is also very comfortable to snuggle in, especially with your bare feet.

Fleece is also an attractive material to look upon. If you have guests or visitors staying in your home, then know that they will appreciate the quality of  the materials you use in your home.

Wicks Moisture and Dries Easily

This is what makes fleece an excellent towel, mat, etc.  Fleece absorbs water fast but it also dries fast as well. This is also an amazing quality in bed sheets especially if you spill water and liquids on it. Doing your laundry would also be twice as fast, if you have fleece fabrics around.

Durable and Inexpensive

Unlike your bedroom linens, fleece is very durable and they can withstand wear and tear much better than other fabrics. In the long run, Fleece will outlast other bedroom fabrics.  So investing in fleece means that you won’t have to spend more money in buying new linens occasionally.

Stays Scented

Fleece has excellent absorption properties. Dabbing perfume or washing it with fabric softeners will often leave lingering smell. That’s why fleece beddings are really good for building that romantic and passionate mood.


Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!

Fleece is a high performing but high maintenance fabric. Just as we’ve said before, fleece is highly absorbent and will easily absorb bad smells.  Fleece will start to smell after days of not being washed (2 to 3 days).

Asides from smell, fleece will catch pieces of hair, pollen and small dust particles easily. This means if you don’t want your fleece towel to look like a wig, then you need to wash it properly and diligently.

You cannot wash fleece the normal way like other fabrics. One wrong move and you might end up having a smellier fleece fabric than before!


Fleece is a wonderful material to wear but it is also good for your home as well. As we can see from its advantages above, having fleece blankets, comforters, mats and towels will ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable home.










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