Pruritus Ani: How to Treat Hemorrhoids

Pruritus Ani is a common issue among men and women. It mostly results from hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins in your rectum or around your anus. Some of the common symptoms associated with this problem include rectal bleeding, itching, and pain. An itching anus can be embarrassing, especially if the irresistible urge to scratch comes when in public. What we suggest is using Pruritus Ani ointments such as Pranicura, which relieves and prevents chronic itching. However, here are some treatments that can help you feel better:

  • Warm Sitz Bath with Epsom Salt

Taking a warm bath is one of the sure ways of soothing the irritation caused by the hemorrhoids on your anus. In this case, you can opt for a sitz bath, which entails soaking your anus in a small plastic tub that is specially designed to fit over your toilet seat. Alternatively, you can immerse your whole body in your bathtub to achieve similar results. The warm water facilitates proper circulation around the itching area, which allows the tissues surrounding the anus to heal.

You can purchase a sitz bath from any medical supply store or pharmacy near you. To prepare the bath, make sure that you add 2-3 tablespoons of epsom salts for a sitz bath or a single cup for a full bathtub. Repeat this process twice per day for better outcomes.

  • Use Soothing Wipes

Unless you want to make the irritation or pain worse than it already is, keep toilet paper at bay. Instead, opt for soothing wipes, as they can help you clean your anus without aggravating the situation. What’s more, you can use wipes that are made from soothing, anti-hemorrhoid ingredients such as aloe vera or even hazel. Nevertheless, avoid those that contain fragrances, alcohol or any other irritant ingredients.

  • Witch Hazel

As a renowned natural anti-inflammatory, witch hazel could be just what you need when it comes to relieving the swelling. It can help minimize either pain or itching, which are both hemorrhoid symptoms. Although this remedy can be found in various products like soaps and wipes, you can purchase it in liquid form for direct use on the anus.

  • Wear Loose, Cotton Clothes

Start wearing loose clothes (underwear) with ultra-breathable qualities to keep your that region dry and clean. Doing so will aid in reducing symptoms such as irritation. Also, avoid washing your undergarments with fabric softeners or perfumed detergents to be on the safe side.

  • Cold Compresses

To reduce the swelling on your anus, try using ice packs. For this case, ensure that you wrap the pack with a towel to protect your skin from any harm resulting from the cold. Hold the cold compress in place for utmost 10 minutes. Try out this process several times per day.

  • Warm Compresses

Make a warm towel compress by soaking a clean and soft towel in warm water. Then, apply to your anus for almost 10-15 minutes by making sure the towel is in direct contact with the hemorrhoids. Once done, take another clean towel to dry the area thoroughly without rubbing it to avoid further irritation. Do this about four to five times each day.

  • Medical Procedures

 In case home remedies do not work for your case, seeking medical attention is always an option. Your physician may suggest applying rubber band litigation around a hemorrhoid to cut off its blood circulation in a bid to make it shrink. An alternative choice may include injection therapy, whereby the physician injects a chemical directly into the blood-swollen blood vessel, causing it to shrink in size.


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