How Real Diamonds Can Be Created from Loved Ones Ashes and Hair?

Cremation diamonds which are made from the ashes and hair of your loved ones have become increasingly popular. Today, more and more individuals are opting to get their loved ones cremated. Ashes turned into diamonds is a beautiful process that has a distinct charm. Considering the increase in demand of cremated diamonds, manufacturers like LONITÉ offer cremated ornaments at the best prices.

The Dilemma

Generally, people have a tough time in deciding what to do with the remains of their loved ones upon their departure. For such people, turning human ashes into diamonds is a great way to offer a memorial to the departed souls, allowing you to keep them close to heart at all times. If this extraordinary practice motivates you to start your own commemorative jewelry venture, researching LegalZoom alternatives can provide invaluable insight and options to help you establish your business legally.

The Process of Creating a Cremated Diamond

With so many superstitions and myths about cremated diamonds, many wonder how exactly a memorial diamond is created.

The entire process of turning human ashes and hair into diamonds may sound scary and creepy. However, in reality it is a simple and beautiful process. While many manufacturers are not upfront about the process that leads to the creation of a beautiful cremated diamond, only a few businesses like LONITÉ go a step ahead to explain the entire process. Knowing the process will give you a better understanding of how the remains of your loved ones will be transformed into sparkling diamonds.

Here’s how a cremation diamond is created:

Figure 2 Cremation diamonds are made from your loved one’s ashes


The first step to getting a cremation diamond from the ashes and hair of your loved one is choosing the memorial diamond that best reflects the life of the person who has departed.

While choosing a memorial diamond think about:

  • The impact of the person on you in one word.
  • The color that best reflects the person.

While it may seem impossible to summarize the life of a person, in reality it just requires great thinking. Thus, the process of creating diamonds from ashes and hair starts from selecting the right color.

Figure 3  Some diamond colors

The manufacturing and ordering process of cremation diamonds is flexible, where individuals can choose from a wide variety of colors. Colors are generally linked to emotions. Thereby, each color has a distinct value.

  • Red is used to portray love.
  • Orange is associated with energy.
  • Freedom is linked to green.
  • White for fresh beginning.
  • Blue reflects peace and solitude.

The color you choose will depend on the interpretation that best matches your loved ones.



The next step to converting your loved one into a cremation diamond is to select a carat size and cut.

Cut is of utmost importance as the shape in which a diamond is manufactured will reflect its beauty. Individuals can choose a brilliant, princess or radiant cut.

Carat size is the weight of the diamond denoting how big it will be. Generally, a cremation diamond can be mini or maximum of 2 carats.


You can also place your cremation diamonds in a setting. This will help in displaying their beauty and will enhance the color and cut of the sparkling diamond.

A setting is primarily a frame that will be used to display the cremated diamond once the cut, carat and color has been selected. A cremated diamond can be set into pendants, rings, earrings, etc.

After you have selected the setting, LONITÉ will start manufacturing the cremated remains. Users can track the progress of their cremation jewelry with the help of a distinct identification number throughout the manufacturing process.

All the ashes undergo a scientific process that helps in transforming them into diamonds. Today, cremation diamonds are becoming increasingly accessible at an affordable price making it easier for people to stay close to their loved ones.

CREMATION DIAMONDS – The Need and Process

An interesting fact about diamonds is that they are made of carbon. Human beings are also made of carbon. This has made it easier for the hair and ashes to naturally turn into beautiful diamonds. If ashes and hair are exposed to great external pressure, they naturally change their shape and become diamonds.

Families are not always comfortable about sending the remains of their loves ones away to manufacturers. They wonder if they will actually get a beautiful diamond in return or not. However, choosing the right diamond manufacturer can make all the difference.

A cremation diamond manufacturer will require 3.5 to 4 ounces of ashes and 0.007 ounces of hair to create a cremated diamond. Both these components are essential to create the diamond. Many individuals get worried about not having adequate quantity of ashes and hair to create a diamond. However, good diamond manufacturers are flexible and use generic carbon to compensate for the shortage.

Thereby, it is now becoming extremely easy to create a diamond from the remains of your loved ones. With science advancing each day, the entire process is revolutionizing and becoming simpler.


Choosing the Right Manufacturer

A good diamond manufacturer will always be accommodating and transparent about its manufacturing process. Those businesses that do not look reliable need to be avoided at all cost. The above mentioned manufacturer LONITÉ is extremely transparent and will answer any questions or worries that you may have. You can assess their process, who they’re certified by and what their cremation diamonds are actually like over at

Once a manufacturer receives the ashes, they will analyze them chemically. This is extremely important as all countries have their own laws and regulations for cremated remains that need to be adhered to strictly.

This process is important for manufacturers as diamonds can only be created when there is 99% carbon in the ashes. However, there are other chemicals that are found in the cremated remains that need to be filtered and separated. Moreover, a few companies also opt for chemical analysis to eliminate the chances of impurities.

Initially, getting a cremation diamond made was expensive. This was due to the special technology required to create it. The expensive process made it difficult for the masses to get their loved ones cremated. However, with a change in the processes cremation diamonds are within the reach of a majority of people.

Figure 7  Lonité uses HPHT technology

A common method used to manufacture cremated diamonds is High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) machine.  The machine is known for replicating the same mechanism which creates diamonds naturally within the earth’s crust. The ashes undergo a pressure of maximum 60,000 atmosphere, where the maximum temperature is kept 6,632 Fahrenheit.

Why Get A Cremation Diamond?

Today, many people are opting for cremation diamonds instead of naturally mined diamonds due to the unethical and inhumane mining processes. Natural diamonds are being referred to as blood diamonds because of the human resource exploitation.

The diamond manufacturing process may take 6 months to a year. However, once the diamond is created it can be polished, shaped and inspected for all the 4C’s. The process may sound long and exhaustive, but in reality it is worth the effort.


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