Simple Skin Care Solutions for People Who Suffer from Acne

If someone has acne, the general recommendation is a complex regimen that attempts to address every set of possible causes. The irony is that the complex regimen results in issues that yet more beauty products need to resolve. Fortunately, there are simple skin care solutions for people who suffer from acne. We’ll address those here.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid helps prevent pores from getting clogged. However, salicylic acid does not reduce oil production and doesn’t kill bacteria. This is why salicylic acid is often used in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide. However, you need to use a half percent cream with salicylic acid and 5% formula of benzoyl peroxide in sequence; too high a concentration of either substance in the same beauty regimen will irritate your skin. After those treatments, you should apply a light oil-free moisturizer to prevent drying of the skin since that would otherwise increase oil production by your body.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is a good, simple treatment for killing the bacteria that may cause your particular case of acne. Some doctors apply photosensitizers, medications that make the skin more sensitive to light, before the treatment. The treatment may involve red light or blue light, but it isn’t equivalent to getting a tan.

But like a tan, it may change your skin tone, while it may cause redness like a sunburn would, leaving you more sensitive to sunlight for a while. Another option is pulsed light to treat specific areas instead of the entire affected area. The Skin Repair Clinic is a leading expert in providing cosmetic skin treatment, such as light therapy. Heat treatment is classified by some medical professionals as a type of light therapy and these treatments shrink the oil glands.


Steroids are best known for aiding muscle growth in athletes. However, they can also help the skin heal. Injections of steroids into the nodules and cysts beneath the skin help it clear up in days instead of the weeks it takes to clear up on its own. These treatments will make the skin lighter than normal for a while, though red blood vessels will show up in the treated area because it thins the skin. Note that steroids are not used to treat widespread acne for the same reason we don’t give it to athletes – the possible side effects are too dangerous if you take it often at any level.

Birth Control Pills

For women whose acne is tied to hormonal swings, birth control pills may be the solution because it moderates the body’s menstrual cycle and may prevent the hormonal highs that trigger acne outbreaks. If you’re being given vitamin A1 supplements as an acne treatment, you may be required to take birth control pills given the high risk of birth defects caused when you get pregnant while taking that supplement.


There are plenty of skin care options for those suffering from acne. Each one of these solutions has its pros and cons and works better on certain conditions. Make sure you contact a dermatologist today to see which option would be the best for you.




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