Simple Ways to Promote Self-Confidence in Early Years

Early years is a fun time for both parents and young children, as kids start to discover the world around them. This stage in a child’s life is also one of the most important too as they are developing their personality and skills for later life. During this time a child that is less confident in how they carry out tasks or interact with people may just be deemed shy in certain situations. For some children, this can actually indicate a lack of self-confidence, which they may carry into later childhood stages. There is a host of ways to help boost their confidence in everyday scenarios, so take a look at some simple ways to make positive changes.

Give them choices

Even in early years, decision-making is an important part of learning. This basic understanding of the outcomes of their choices will help them to make more informed decisions later in life. As parents make most of the decisions when children are young, allowing some input when they start to become inquisitive about their favorite clothing items or choosing what book to read is a great way to promote decision-making. Even allowing them to make silly mistakes at this age can help build on their reasoning skills to help them learn from slip-ups in the future.

Promote new experiences

Children learn from a range of experiences so introducing them to new ones is a great way to boost their confidence. In some circumstances they feel nervous or shy but encouraging the fun elements of this new adventure will help to promote the positives to them, which helps to diminish the negative feelings. Getting children used to new scenarios like this is also great for when they start school. This encouragement is also promoted in many UK educational environments and establishments. If you are a working parent and require childcare, researching your local area can ensure you find the best options to suit your lifestyle, whether you work in the city, or commute from further afield, for example. Establishments that provide such outlook include the nursery at Colchester High School in Essex, as it promotes positive interactions with peers to build confidence levels.

Be a positive role model

Children learn from the people closest to them so leading by example is a great way to build self-esteem. It can sometimes be easy to be negative about yourself in front of children without realizing it but promoting your own self-confidence to them helps them to see the benefits of self-worth. Children soak up their surroundings and the behavior of adults around them, so promoting a positive environment is the best way to reduce self-esteem issues.

Constructive compliments

It’s natural to want to celebrate all your child’s achievements but in fact, showering them with compliments for every small thing they do can actually have detrimental effects on the confidence levels. In these situations, they might be confident at home, but in the outside world when they make a mistake or fail at something, it could be harder to handle. Being realistic about their achievements helps to put them in perspective, plus giving constructive feedback also assists children in achieving more.

Supporting your child through early years is a fun and rewarding time and these simple tips can help promote improved self-confidence levels to take into later stages of life.


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