Slots That You Can Play Without Any Effort

Slots tend to be quite simple and effortless in nature. All you have to do to start playing is set your bet and hit the spin button. Sometimes you don’t even need to hit spin more than once, as most modern slot games online tend to have an auto-spin function where you can select from 100 to 1000 automatic spins.

However, if you are looking for slots that take even less effort to play, keep reading.

Slots with Auto-spin

Auto-spin is the definition of effortless slot play. Select the number of automated spins you want and sit back and relax. Most modern slots have up to 1000 automated spins. Some auto-spin settings also have additional settings that you can apply that will stop auto-spin should it meet any of the specified criteria (e.g. you lose or win a certain amount).

Slots with Fixed Paylines

Most slots have a certain amount of paylines. The number of paylines differs from slot game to slot game. Slots that do not have fixed paylines, will require you to activate the number of paylines you want as this impacts your total wager. For minimal effort, choose slot games that have fixed paylines.

Slots with Max Bet-Option

Newer slots offer a max bet option where players can set the maximum bet at just the click of a button (usually on the home screen of the slot). You can thus place a maximum bet at minimal effort and possibly win the jackpot.

Traditional Slots (Non Skill-Based)

If effortless is what you want, it would be better to stay away from skill-based slots. Skill based slots are slots that combine chance and skill. Usually there will be a bonus round where players have to use skill in order to win cash prizes.

Slots that are not skill-based on the other hand mean your odds of winning are entirely dependent on Lady Luck, i.e. effortless.

Slots with few reels (preferably three)

The original slot machine (the ones with the mechanical lever) was developed with only three reels and a fixed number of winning symbol combinations. As time has passed the reels have gotten more and more. This has also made the slot itself a bit more complicated. Nowadays slots have up to 830 ways to win.

This would be a nightmare to memorize. Luckily you don’t need to. The slot will tell you whether you have won or not and exactly how much.

However, the fewer reels the less effort. Some of the best slots featuring only three reels include Monkey Madness, 7th Heaven and Diamond Empire.

Simple Design and Graphics

Slot developers are becoming more and more creative in their slot designs. Instead of spinning reels players are now confronted with tumbling blocks or circular playing grids. While these might be great fun, they can be mentally taxing.

For simpler gameplay look at slots that are neat and do not have a lot going on in terms of design. This way you can enjoy the actual game.


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