Spare Bathroom Décor to Make Your Guests feel Comfortable

Have you recently bought a home? Unpacking, decorating, and settling into your new neighborhood is a whirlwind experience. Once you’ve unpacked the last box, it might be time to turn your attention to hosting visitors. A key component of being a great host is making your guests feel comfortable – and choosing the right décor and design for your extra bathroom ensures your guests feel right at home.

Colors or Neutrals?

A popular trend for homes is finishes and flooring that tie the kitchen and bathrooms together in a common theme. Other homes may have a different color concept for the spare bath. Before you add details, select a color theme for your extra bath.

If you have a consistent theme with other rooms in the house, you can add personality with other touches. Painting the walls is one option for a unique guest bath and is common when you buy a home. If you decide to paint the walls of your guest bathroom, bear in mind whether the room has natural light or not. Dark or bright colors may make the room look smaller and feel claustrophobic.

Wall Décor

Artwork for the bathroom is more than a bland framed print. Small wall sconces, wrought iron scrolls, and embellished mirrors can add character to a guest bathroom. Wallpaper borders or decorative trim opens up a smaller space.

Decorative mirrors may brighten up a smaller, darker space by reflecting light. Selecting mirrors bordered with colored stones that match your theme or arranging a cluster of several small mirrors looks lovely and creates a roomy, lighter feeling.

Towels and Mats

Choosing to buy a house with lovely tile flooring in the guest bathroom can make it tempting to omit decorative mats. Soft underfoot when washing hands or primping, plush, ergonomic sink mats, and toilet borders add to a feeling of comfort for your guests. Mats also have a slight noise dampening effect, which some visitors may appreciate.

Fluffy towels, both to bathe and wash hands, complete a bathroom experience. They’re necessary, and splurging on a couple of thick, soft hand towels shows visitors that you consider the little details to make them feel welcome in your new home.

Making the Extras Matter

Consider everything your guests will need, such as extra bath tissue and towels. Incorporating decorative storage for these items helps coordinate a theme and hide clutter. Baskets on small floating shelves or wrought-iron back-of-the-toilet shelving can hold toiletries, grooming supplies, and even small plants or knick-knacks.

Live plants help freshen the air in a bathroom and provide a sense of peaceful relaxation. Different species of houseplants can accent the décor you select – ferns or violets complement a romantic, shabby chic style, while succulents and aloe can make a fun, beach or desert-inspired room pop.

Where to Buy Your Décor

Many larger home décor styles have coordinated shower curtains, towels, mats, and small décor in a variety of colors and patterns. If you aren’t naturally creative, selecting a “bath in a bag” is a simple way to add character and comfort to your guest bath décor. Hardware stores may have indoor plants to place in your guest bathroom, as well as crown molding and trim, new finishes and faucets, and even bathmats and shelving.

Creating a comfortable guest bathroom means paying attention to small details that create a welcoming ambiance. Include everything they may need in places that are easily accessible and imagine what you’d like to have when using the space.



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