Super Bowl Is Not The Same Experience Everywhere

The NFL doesn’t really provide many avenues for the average fan to attend their flagship event every season. Cincinnati fans saw their teams go back to the SuperBowl for the first time in 30 years last season. But not many made the trip from Ohio due to tickets costing an average of $5,822.5 per ticket.

So when it comes to going to check out the big game, some venues may be more appealing than others. While it may not affect making NFL picks today, picking the right city to make your first trip to the Super Bowl is worth the cost of admission. 

New Orleans

In the early days of the Super Bowl, New Orleans was the go-to choice of city for the big game. New Orleans, which will host its 11th Super Bowl in 2025, had the game five times during the 1970s. One of those games, Super Bowl IX, played between the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers, was held at Tulane Stadium because the Superdome wasn’t finished yet.

However, the city has a dome now, so worrying about the weather won’t be an issue for attending a game. Culturally, New Orleans has a lot to offer outside of the football scene. The city is a hub for French-American culture, with its famous Bourbon Street, which features a number of bars and jazz spots. It’s a city where the party seldom stops.


South Florida has been a prime spot for the Super Bowl, hosting a record 11 times. Miami was another city that was popular during the early days of the Super Bowl. Miami had two of the first four Super Bowls and would have the game three times in the 1970s. Heading to a game in Miami offers many opportunities for sports fans.

First off, South Beach also has a legendary party season with easy access to the water. It is also a multicultural city that is heavily influenced by its diversity, including neighborhoods that highlight Cuban and Haitian culture. Miami also offers opportunities to see other teams in action.

Miami has NBA and NHL teams, the Heat, and Panthers, in addition to the Hurricanes.

Los Angeles

This is a tough ask for the average person. Los Angeles is expensive, period. If you can afford to attend a Super Bowl in Tinseltown, there are plenty of places to see. Los Angeles is a hub for Hollywood and has a lot of history. Much like Miami, Los Angeles also offers plenty of opportunities to catch other sporting events.

Los Angeles has two NBA teams, an NHL team along with a smattering of college basketball programs. Sports, in addition to tourist attractions, means there is plenty to do for anyone who wants to head out west. Los Angeles has hosted the Super Bowl eight times.

Phoenix Gets its Shot

Arizona has a tough history when it comes to the Super Bowl. The Phoenix area had hoped to host earlier than it did when Super Bowl XXX came to Tempe in 1996, but Arizona had delayed recognizing Martin Luther King Day as a federal holiday. But since hosting the event, the Phoenix area will host for the fourth time this season and has been a solid venue.

The Cardinals’ home city has a roof over the stadium, and the weather is always nice.

Las Vegas is on the Horizon

There are many places where the NFL has gone to once for the Super Bowl but has yet to go back. New York City, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Indianapolis have all hosted once but haven’t won another bid as of yet. With the Raiders now in Las Vegas, the city was able to pin down the 2025 game.

While the NFL had always distanced itself from being involved with any sort of gambling in the past, things have lightened up over the past three years. But gambling isn’t the only thing Sin City has to offer. Vegas has plenty of shows and acts that perform.

Vegas has also become a strong sports city, adding the WNBA and NHL in addition to having the UNLV men’s basketball team.


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