Superfoods to keep your eyes healthy

If our eyes are indeed the window to the world, then it’s essential to keep them clean and bright. We often neglect our eyes- we read in horrible light, we spend long hours on our devices, we don’t wash off our makeup, we don’t protect our eyes in the snow and the sunlight, we work long hours without a break… the list is endless. To take care of your eyes, the first thing you can do is visit an Eye Doctor in Monroe, LA. That is always a good first step!

Of all these things that we do to our eyes, it’s the blue light from our devices that are proving to be especially harmful. But how can we stay away from devices? They are necessary for work, communication and entertainment. Is there something that can be done that ensures that we continue to use our gadgets but that we don’t suffer severe consequences because of it?

Superfoods can come to your rescue. It’s been seen that certain foods can potentially save your eyes from the ill effects of the blue light. Eating a healthy eye-friendly diet is important in the protection of this vital sense organ. Here are some superfoods to keep your eyes healthy.


That kale is a superfood is a fact known to all of us. The leaf cabbage is packed with nutrition that works wonders for the body, bettering digestion, reducing heart distress, lowering blood pressure and what have you. It also helps your eyes work well.


Another green leafy vegetable that packs quite the punch, spinach is not just Popeye’s strength secret but can help your eyes too. Drink it as a soup, add it to your salad, mix it in your rice dish or casserole or create a simple sauté of spinach leaves with garlic, olive oil and sea salt. Delicious!


Surely you’ve heard the old story of rabbits having such great vision because of their favorite food? They also have red eyes, but let’s not go into that. Carrots are great for eyesight because they are filled with beta-carotene, which is essential in the creation of Vitamin A. A deficiency in the vitamin can lead to blindness and cataracts. Enjoy it raw and well-washed, with a twist of lime or as a smoothie. It’s great any way you consume it.


Tuna, salmon, mackerel, oysters, anchovies and oily fish are good for the eyes. These fish contain Omega 3, a fatty acid that strengthens the small bloody vessels in the eyes.

Citrus fruit and berries

Packed with vitamin C, citrus fruit like orange and grapefruit work to reduce the risk of cataracts and degeneration.


This versatile food is appealing for another reason as well- its yolks are filled with lutein that helps prevent legal blindness by fighting macular degeneration. There are a hundred and more ways in which you can enjoy eggs and now you have an added reason to do so.

From almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts which contain vitamin E to dairy products like yoghurt and milk which are filled with zinc and vitamin A, to beans, peas, Brussel sprouts and asparagus, there is not dearth for food that will help your eyes. What’s more, you help your general health too, not just your eyes. Surely this is good enough reason to start a superfood dietary habit today.



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