The Requirement for a Perfect Toddler’s Pillow

Sleep is the basic requirement for every creature to have a productive day. However, to have a good sleep what is required more than sleep is a pillow which could make the head comfortable. Hence the pillows are very important while sleeping. However, for a kid, it becomes even more important because there has the highest requirement of sleep than an adult. When your child is too small, he might not require a pillow, but as he starts growing, a pillow becomes very necessary for him so that he/she can spend the night peacefully and comfortably. There are special pillows for toddlers which are made after extensive research so that they can feel the pleasure while sleeping.

Toddlers are easily irritated while sleeping. To avoid this, you need comfortable bedding for him. Such bedding includes a good mattress and a quality pillow which can make your baby comfortable while he/she is asleep. We have made a list of all the things that you need to look at when you are buying pillows for your little ones. Toddler pillows, also known as infant pillows are very soft and delicate, hence extra care should be taken while choosing them.

Firm vs soft

Look for the firmness or softness of the pillow before you settle for the perfect one. There should be a fine balance between comfort and support in the pillow that you choose. The pillow which you are looking to buy for your toddler shouldn’t be too soft. A very soft pillow is unlikely to regain its shape, and would not give comfort that your child may require. If the pillow is too soft, then the material inside the pillow will straddle him and is likely to go to the two sides of the pillow and there might not be enough support in the middle for your child to rest his/her head.

On the other hand, the pillow that you choose shouldn’t be so hard that it cannot be pressed down. This will make your toddler feel like sleeping on a rock and your little one is definitely not going to be comfortable in it. The pillow that you choose should be something between very hard and very soft. It should be enough to regain its shape after it is pressed down and should provide enough support for the head.

Know the allergies

Children are very sensitive because their skin is too soft. They are hence more prone to allergies. There might be some pillows that would not suit your child because of the materials they are made from. Take note of the materials to take your child is uncomfortable with. It should not happen that you bought a type of pillow and found that your child is allergic to it. Firstly it would wastage of money and secondly, you would be causing your child unnecessary trouble. If the reaction is too much that you may also need to visit a doctor while might also take months for the allergy to disappear.

However, the pillow should be taken from a reputed company or store because those manufactures maintain every security measures for hygiene. Local manufacturers sometimes do not look into those matters. Initially, it might become very difficult for parents to find out the exact type of material for your child. It may also happen that the item you brought is uncommon for children normally but your child is comfortable with it. Therefore, it depends from child to child. Hence, it becomes very important to know your child and his body’s reaction to the material of the pillow.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are looking the market for pillows designed for toddlers, look for the pillow of that company that gives 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee comes for a period of three to six months. However, that would vary from brand to brand but the matter of fact is these products are specialized to children itself. The company had done a research and every pillow of the brand undergo an extreme test to check for its quality. However, if the company is giving a guarantee then it means that the manufacturer is confident about its product and is willing to do anything for its sales.

The only thing you have to take care of is the material they are provided is fine with your child or not. As discussed earlier your child should not be allergic to the material.

Pillow cover material

Since your child will always be lying so you have to make sure that, the cover of the pillow is free from toxins. In the toxicated covers, the toxins may go into your child’s mouth as he is sleeping. With the hunger to make profits, companies now tend to make more profits by mixing chemicals for more output. A child thus being sensitive cannot be allowed access to these harmful toxins.

The best cover made for children are with cotton. They are the safest. Don’t use regular cotton as they are a substitute for chemicals. Make use of organic cotton. They lack the uses of beaches, dyes or any other toxic material that would be harmful to the child’s body. The organic pillows are labeled with 100 percent cotton. If that is so, be assured and buy it. If the pillow is not labeled then it sure is not organic. The right material is extremely important for the safety of the child because they are prone to diseases because their immune system being weak at that age.


If you are looking to buy pillows from your second child, you might not have too much trouble in choosing them. But if you are buying pillows for your toddler for the first time, you need to take special care of the points that have been discussed. You need to take consideration of all the points before you settle for a particular pillow. Ignoring any one of the above points may lead you to buy a pillow which might not be comfortable for your kid. This might result in your toddler crying in the middle of the night as he/she is not able to sleep. So, be wise and careful while choosing the pillow for your little one. There are many quality pillows designed for children that are available in the market. You can visit there and choose accordingly. You can even buy pillows online too. There are cost-effective as well as quality guaranteed.


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