The Rise Of The Popularity Of Bingo Bars Explained

Different trends are constantly developing in society, these could be linked to fashion or things like technology. The biggest influencers tend to be changes in tastes and attitudes amongst the public. The most recent mechanism for widespread change has indeed been technology and Umbingo gambling has been a major winner in the digital revolution that has swept the world. 

Bingo Joins The Revolution 

Gambling was quick out of the starting stalls to embrace digital technology and it was as early as 1996 when software was developed that allowed the first virtual casino to go live on the internet. This was a large step into the unknown for the industry but once the first video slot was also released, the two complimented each other perfectly. Online casinos and slots were a sure fire hit but bingo had to wait longer to become an online gambling super power. This is because traditional social bingo played in bingo halls was still very popular and this way of playing bingo was the very foundations of the success of the game. Bingo brands ignored this and continued to move their operations online with the hope that online bingo would eventually catch on. This did happen eventually and by 2003, online bingo was more popular than land-based bingo. The introduction of mobile bingo playing software in 2015 cemented bingo’s popularity even further online. 

The Fight Back Begins 

Naturally, those bingo brands that were more land-based focused wanted to keep their customers and attract new ones and something had to be done to stop customers from turning to the convenience of online bingo. With traditional land-based bingo being left behind and quite frankly looking stale in comparison to online bingo, a new wave of innovations was rolled out to attract a new younger crowd to bingo halls. These new ideas included adding other forms of entertainment as a side dish to the main bingo course. Bingo halls were revamped and turned into vibrant venues that were young and hip. Many resembled and created atmospheres that were usually reserved for bars. In fact, bingo halls started to resemble bars and clubs. Music, food, alcohol and dancing were added into the equation and the result was that a new generation of bingo players, who preferred their bingo served with other entertainment, once again made bingo halls fashionable again. Now land-based bingo is back in business and bingo bars are attracting new young bingo players all the time. Some bingo establishments continue to experiment and have added themed nights, stand up comedy, cabaret acts, and even rave bingo into the mix. 

Final Thoughts 

The creation of bingo bars has been a positive step in guaranteeing the future of land-based bingo as a major form of entertainment. Now young people gather at these venues with friends for a night out that mixes many forms of entertainment together. The downside is that bingo traditionalists that are still behind the creation of most of the bingo revenue, feel forgotten by the very game they helped become established as a major gambling force in society.


Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash


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