How to Throw a Memorable Housewarming Party

Whether you opt for an afternoon of tea and biscuits with your close family and friends or you choose to go a bit mad and start a party like Project X – If you’ve recently moved into a new home it’s important you show it off in its true colors. Throwing a memorable housewarming party is far from easy, but with the right tips at your disposal, you can be sure your guests will be talking about your party for years to come. Have a look at some of the points to consider below that will set your party apart from the rest.

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Plan the Perfect Bash

It takes a lot of planning to perfect a housewarming party. While the objective is to show off your new home, it’s also important to consider the right setting and type of house warming to ensure your guests enjoy it. Consider the type of party you want before anything else. Are you going to have an afternoon get together so guests can come and go throughout the evening? Or are you going to have a late do with plenty of beverages and some music? Spend time planning and you can be sure it will be the party of the year.

Understand What Your Guests Want

An excellent house warming isn’t possible unless your guests are happy. Try to cater to their needs as much as possible but at the same time, try and come up with something unique. Guests will appreciate the fact you’ve come up with something different to entertain their needs, and that’s usually the difference in hosting a party that’s just good – or one that’s out of this world.

Make Sure Your Home Is Sparkling

Before you think about food and music for your guests it’s important your home is spick and span. This isn’t an easy task as you’ll still have many other jobs to complete throughout the day. Therefore, it would be wise to hire a cleaning service such as King of Maids cleaning services NYC. Such services offer next day help so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare food and undertake other duties.

Free Food & Drinks Always Goes Down a Treat

Guests will often bring their own beverages to a party, but providing free drinks and food is an effective way to put a smile on their faces. How much you have available to spend will determine how far you go here, but it’s important you spend money on making guests happy, and that can be done with plenty of alcohol and a good spread.

Of course, a party isn’t going to be a party without music, so be sure to think of an excellent playlist that gets everyone in the mood. The above tips are just a few tips to consider when planning your own house warming party. You may also consider putting up decorations, greeting guests at the door with a drink, and of course providing a good tour of your new home to show it off in style.


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