Timing is Everything: Spring Break Vacations

Spring break comes but once a year. It’s a wonderful week where people forget about their busy day-to-day lives at work or school and take time for themselves. People splurge and treat themselves during this single week. You can always spot the notorious spring breakers by their native call which sounds something like, “Woooo!” or “It’s spring break!”

Come to think of it, there’s a lot of spring breakers nowadays. When you’re picking out the best spring break destination, timing is everything. Some destinations strive on lively company, but other destinations are best when they’re spent alone. Next to completing traffic school online, there’s nothing worse than taking the entire family out for a getaway just to find the entire 2019 graduating class of the nearby college joining you.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans during spring break is perfect if you like loud music and parties as well as these top teen CA destinations. This destination will be a hot pick in 2019 with much of the attendees being intoxicated. When spring break rolls around, the drinks and partying commence in New Orleans. But don’t let that deter you from having a great time. The city is teeming with culturally enriching museums, music halls, and seaside attractions.


If you want to avoid the college spring break boom, then hop a plane over to the Bahamas. It’s a great escape that most people don’t consider during the early spring season. Most people will prefer to summer on the coastal paradise, instead of spring break. Fun fact, if you ever want to appear wealthier, then just use the season as a verb to describe when you vacation.

South Seas Island Resort

Yoga on the beach, paragliding over the coast, or relaxing in the spas. These are just a few of the activities you can partake in when you stay at the South Seas Island Resort. Located on Captiva Island off the coast of Florida, this paradise slab is perfect for a high end relaxing getaway. You can escape the early spring’s frigid temperatures by heading south for the winter to this island where there’s endless activities and infinite relaxation.

Club Med Dominican Republic

Close your eyes for a moment. Well, actually open them, because you need to read this. Imagine the ideal tropical island experience. You know the one. The one where you’re lying in hammock, looking up at the palm trees swaying in a warm, refreshing breeze coming from a deep blue, crystal clear ocean as the sun dips below the horizon. That’s the one. Club Med in the Dominican Republic is a perfect representation of this island dream. It’s an all-inclusive resort that offers you optimal relaxation at a rate that won’t break the bank.

Vail, Colorado

When northerners flock south during winter, do southerners migrate north for spring break? Whether it’s true or not, Vail, Colorado offers a terrific, not on the beach, spring break experience. Home to the massive Vail Ski Resort, this small town at the base of Vail Mountain is nestled in the White River National Forest. This remote town is great when you want to escape the warm weather for something cozy and chilly. Snowboarding, skiing (not on water), and hiking are a few of the attractions that will make this location a hot spot (cold spot) for spring breakers.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California is like Vail, Colorado, except it’s in the desert. There’s plenty to do in Palm Springs, especially for spring break. Depending on when you travel for your week long vacation, you can check out one of the largest music festivals in the country: Coachella. You can also visit national forest and parks, like Joshua Tree. There’s plenty of hiking trails, great foods, and opportunities to soak up some sun.


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