Top 4 Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

There’s someone on your holiday gift list that keeps talking about getting in shape. Given the person’s busy schedule, trying to carve out time for the gym is out of the question. Equipment that can be used at home would be make a great gift. Here are four suggestions that work well for those who need to start at a slower pace and work up to a workout that’s more challenging.


Your friend would do well to start off with weights that are make it easy to get into the habit of working out. Looking at sandbags for sale is a great choice. You can get them with different weight capacities, usually ranging from 40 to 80 pounds. Make sure each bag does come with handles that make it easy to grip them during lifting exercises. You also want one that is flexible enough for your friend to place over the shoulders while performing routines like deep-knee bends.


There are all sorts of exercises one can do with a set of dumbbells. They are easy to drip and come in weights as light as five pounds. That makes them ideal for beginners. Some of the exercises will help to build and tone the arms while others will also provide workout for the shoulders and upper chest. Someone who has not worked out in some time will find these are a great way to get back into the habit of exercising.

Exercise Mats

No home workout effort is complete without a durable exercise mat. Go with one that folds easily and can be tucked under the bed or in a closet when not in use. Add a little something extra in the form of a manual that outlines how to perform some basic exercises using the mat. From sit-ups to different yoga positions, the mat provides the ideal amount of support and ensures comfort while working out.

When choosing a mat, play close attention to the thickness and the material used for the shell. You want something that reduces shock to the legs and feet during the workout. The padding should also prevent pain to the back and shoulders while your friend is on the floor and performing exercises like leg lifts. The shell should be easy to wipe down after every use and come clean with nothing more than a clean cloth and a small amount of a basic cleaning agent.

Jump Ropes

You will find that any fitness accessories shop worth doing business with carries several brands of jump ropes. Far from being a kid’s toy, jumping rope works just about every muscle in the body. As a cardiovascular workout for someone who is starting to exercise again, this solution can’t be beat. Your friend will have a lot of fun jumping rope while standing on an exercise mat and

Watching Television

Who says that holiday gifts can’t be fun and practical at the same time? Consider helping your friend get in shape by providing some basic workout equipment. With the right accessories and some encouragement from you, your friend could start the New Year determined to lose the spare tire, tone the body, and begin to build some muscle mass.


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