Top 5 Tips for Planning a Great Wedding

Wondering how to work out a great plan for the perfect wedding? Cut the worries! We’ve got you covered with these five handy stress-free tips on planning your dream event. Take a look:

Set A Personalized ‘Look Your Best’ Schedule

So essentially, you’re taking up two roles for the big day: an event planner and the bride or groom. How to go about shuffling priorities for the two? While giving event planning a significant amount of your time is a good idea, how about looking your best at the grand occasion. Set aside a schedule to pamper yourself with spa treatments, health & wellness regimes, healthcare expert appointments and gym routines. If you’re planning on going for any cosmetic surgeries check with your specific surgeon for feasible timelines. For example, if you’re an orange county resident with plans of breast augmentation surgery, then consult an expert like Dr. Farbod Esmailian, MD FACS for appropriate schedules, so they don’t conflict with your planned wedding date while giving you ample time to perfect your look for the wedding.

Define A Budget and Stick To It

The best plans are concocted through careful mulling factoring in every important detail. If you’re planning a rocking event, you need to set an appropriate budget for it and stick to the estimates. Remember, weddings can be costly, especially if you desire luxury services and top brands in mind. Identify items on your wish list that are a top priority and rank the to-dos according to your preferences. Once you’ve prioritized and empaneled the must-have stuff and must-do items, work out the budget from an optimistic perspective adding a buffer for unexpected challenges or last minute changes.

Craft A Timeline

The time and dates for your wedding matter as do the proper scheduling of the tasks on your to-do list. Map the due dates on a calendar, carefully checking for any delays and conflicts for every task. Use the dates to create a handy timeline for reference just like a pro event planner would do. You can also use timeline & checklist templates available online and customize them to add your specific tasks with their scheduled date. It’s a good practice to start your planning well before the wedding date to mitigate for unforeseen risks and delays because some tasks might take more time than your estimate.

Sellers & Vendors Are Key For A Wedding

With wedding plans in the air, it’s all about flowers, reception, apparels, wedding location selection, gourmet delicacies & drinks, decorations, and miscellaneous accessories. Vendors and sellers will obviously be required, so how to manage these without hassle? Just like you manage stakeholders for a corporate project, think of your wedding as a project and the vendors as stakeholders. Yes, this means the kick-off meetings, follow-up sessions, briefings and progress updates. Have your food and beverage caterer, lighting and decor or photo booth vendor, florist and dress designer work with you to create a dazzling guest and bride & groom experience.

Focus On The Guest Experience

A successful event such as a wedding is all about a brilliant guest experience that projects top quality customer service. Once you’ve finalized your guest list, ensure you plan for event giveaways like gift vouchers and special presents like wedding bags with goodies or tiny ornaments as memorabilia for a lasting impact.


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