Top 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Scorpions

Pest infestation is definitely worrisome but having scorpions around your place make it a bit more vexing. You will usually notice that these scorpions find their way in through different openings in your place. A window with broken glass, a hole in the wall, foundation or any other opening in the ceiling, are easy ways to get in. It is wise to be cautious about them and get rid of them as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to make sure you get rid of these harmful creatures without any trouble.

Hire A Trained Exterminator

Call a professional exterminator with considerable experience in removing scorpions from outdoor spots as well as indoor places. Scorpions tend to crawl inside to look for a place to take shelter, eat food or hide. They usually prefer dark nooks & corners. Make sure you call a pro if you notice any signs of scorpion infestation. The experts will come over immediately for a thorough inspection. An experienced firm will remove these scorpions quickly without affecting your regular routine.

Seal Up Access Points

It goes without saying, prevention is better than cure. With so many accessories around the house including cables, conduits, and vents that accompany a hole, opening in the wall or a ceiling, there are more chances of scorpions entering inside. Make sure you seal them with a tape or a wire mesh. Look around for any possible openings in the kitchen, living room or any other space inside. These are the places where they can find nutrition and set up their own abode.

Look out For Any Debris

To make your place uninviting for scorpions, clear up trash or any crumbs around the place, especially debris in the garden. In addition, immediately remove firewood stacks in the garden and vegetation. These lure scorpions like Arizona bark toward the place. Do not leave any fallen leaves or dried out plants around and make it a habit to rake them away twice every week. When they accumulate in the garden, they can lead to infestation.

Spaces Underneath The Door

You also need to be cautious about the openings inside; the space underneath the garage door or the back door is an invitation for pests to come in. These openings are large enough to let scorpions inside. The most appropriate way to minimize the entry space is to add rubber extensions or door sweeps like bristles. These will not only make the space gritty for scorpions to crawl inside but will also add to the decor and ambiance, especially if they are customized to sync with the interior. Door sweep will make the door open and close without any hassle and problem.

A Few More Home Remedies to Repel Scorpions

You could always use home remedies to repel scorpions if the infestation is not in excess. Neem oil and Cedar oil are useful to get rid of scorpions in your home. You can also use sticky traps around your place to traps this resilient species. In addition, you can grow lavender plants in and around your place.


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