The Top Mattress Review Sites

Purchasing a new mattress is an important decision, believe it or not. It can affect your sleep routine for the next several years, and this in turn can have an impact on your overall quality of life. The last thing you want is to realize you made a bad decision and have to live with that for years, or have to spend even more money replacing something you’ve only just bought.

Naturally, with such a decision, you might want to seek out reviews and opinions from those who have experienced the mattress to help make your decision. While some vendors publish user reviews – Lull mattress reviews being one example – it is understandable to want an unbiased third party.

A review website can help you make the right decisions by going through someone else’s experience of purchasing and sleeping in the mattresses you’re looking at. However, not all reviewers can be trusted, and it’s important to find honest and reliable reviewers that can also address your preferences.

Here’s a list of some review websites we found particularly helpful and trustworthy.

Consumer Reports for Mattresses

Consumer Reports is a website that has a reputation beyond that of just mattress reviews. They report on everything from appliances and home furniture to cars and insurance.

They aim to create a more consumer focused economy that is reliable, and produces products that fulfill their purpose, are safe to use, and are generally healthier in the long term.

Given that they serve a broad range of items, it’s not too hard to expect that they’d cover mattresses in at least a similar amount of detail. Considering their standards, it’s reasonable to place them on this list.

Sleep like the Dead

Sleep like the dead is a mattress website, that prides itself in reliability with its readers and finding the best sleep possible for them. It was created by a former insomniac who suffered with the disorder for 10 years, and found a passion in getting the best sleep possible consistently. He created the website to output his passion and share it with others.

The site is certainly proud of its statistics, claiming to review hundreds of sleep related products with about 300,000 consumer reviews and a track record reaching back all the way to 2008. It even goes the extra-mile to prove to the reader why it is unbiased, and how other review sites can be biased themselves.

The Sleep Judge

The Sleep Judge is a review website that analyzes mattresses with a team of reviewers with several, relatable perspectives in different places from California to Eastern Canada. They each have unique sleep profiles, which they openly provide to ensure that they are providing a review that covers as many sleep profiles and preferences as possible.

They pride themselves in remaining honest, and fair. While they receive kickbacks from purchases taken from their website, they use it to purchase more mattresses to review.

Mattress Clarity

Mattress Clarity is a website run by a single reviewer who goes by Joe. His website is fairly large, and Joe personally claims to have slept in and reviewed over 70 beds. He understands the terms and lingo of the industry, and he also understands the confusion and complexity of the sleep market, and does what he can to clear things up (hence the name of his website).


He admits that he has bias and does his best to get past it. With each review he breaks things down into categories, and provides numbers for each to help gauge their strengths and weaknesses. However, like Sleep Judge, he does receive kickbacks.


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