Top Tips for Holiday NY Travel

Winter in New York is a hazard to every driver. The winter season is the busiest time of the year for traveling. The roads are congested with drivers eagerly racing to their families for the holidays. Defensive driving online won’t prepare you for holiday traffic in the dead of winter.

But that’s what this article is for.

To help you navigate the snow covered roads and the endure the frigid nights, we’ve put together the top tips for Holiday NY Travel. These are the secrets tips and tricks, such as 3 signs I might be time to replace your windshield wipers, to help you stay safe on the roads. Winter can be reckless but doesn’t mean you have to be too.

Remove Ice with Windshield Scrapers

Iced covered windshields will hamper your holiday travels. When your car is sitting idly through the night, chances are it will freeze over. Not only that, but New York’s heavy snowfall will leave layers of snow packed on your car.

When this happens, don’t stress. Be prepared for the event of a snow covered car with a windshield scraper. These handy tools are a winter must for any driver wanting to travel during the holidays. They’ll sweep off the snow and demolish the ice. If you don’t have one, an exhaustive alternative is blasting the heat in your car.

Keep a Pair of Jumper Cables

Speaking of frigid nights, don’t be surprised to find your car dead when you wake up. A weak battery or a faulty wire is a target during cold nights. The freezing temperatures will cause batteries to lose their charge. This leaves your car stuck in its parking space for you in the morning.

Have a pair of jumper cables in your car, if you know you’re driving with a weak battery. What you should do is check the wiring and replace your old battery. But a cheap alternative is to ensure jumper cables are in your trunk.

Pack Your Emergency Kit

The last important tool to keep in your car is an emergency kit. Your emergency kit is your preparation considering a car accident or being stranded on the side of the road. Therefore, you should stow blankets, bandages, water, snacks, and a flashlight in your kit. If you think you’ll be there long, pack a good book too.

Emergency kits might feel like an overkill for some people. When you’re stranded on the road in middle of a snow storm, you’ll be glad you have it. When driving in winter during the holidays, you should be safe rather than sorry.

Learn How to Brake Properly

Ice is the new pavement during a New York winter. With hidden ice patches plaguing the roads, you won’t know you’re on ice until it’s too late. That’s why going the speed limit is a necessity during winter. More importantly you should know how to brake properly.

Never hit the brakes when you drive on ice. This will cause your wheels to lock. Then, you’ll slide and pulverize any object in your path. The best way to brake is to slow to a stop while pumping the pedal. This will allow you to avoid a lock up, so you can stop. Pumping brakes and slowing down is always easier under the speed limit.

Arrive on Time with an Old Trick

Always leave early. Now, more than ever, driving the speed limit (or under) is the safest way to drive on the road. You won’t feel the need to rush to your next destination. This will help you travel the speed limit and not cause a wreck. Don’t forget, families are driving on the roads this winter.


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