Travelling with Kids on a Budget- Expert Tips

Holidays can be costly, especially when taken outside of school term time, and becomes even more expensive if you have to travel during term breaks with children. Not only do you need to feed extra mouths, but you also have to keep them entertained. 

If you’re tight on funds but planning an Isle of Wight holiday with your large family, you may be wondering how to ensure the young ones have an exhilarating experience. Wonder no more because, in this read, we’ve shared a few tips to make your upcoming holiday fun and memorable. With careful planning and creativity, it’s possible to create lasting memories without breaking the bank.


Travelling is without a shadow of a doubt the most demanding and costly aspect of a holiday. Most people, however, are so used to air travel, that viable alternatives do not cross their minds. Driving and taking ferries are feasible options for crossing seas and channels. Interstate railways or Euro rail can also provide a more cost-effective way of traversing the country compared to buying flight tickets. Most airlines often impose taxes and extra fees in addition to the advertised price, further increasing the travelling budget. So, do not hesitate to consider viable alternatives. 


Most hotels typically provide rooms suitable for two adults and two children. This means that if you have a large family, you may have to book additional rooms, which can be inconvenient. Keep in mind that close supervision of your children is paramount, especially when you are in an unfamiliar foreign country, where the language might be different. 

So, instead of booking multiple hotel rooms, opt for a family-sized villa. This not only tends to be more affordable compared to separate hotel rooms but also allows you to keep a close eye on all your kids and pets. Additionally, for those traveling with pets, establishments like Sonesta dog friendly hotels in Columbia, MD, welcome the whole family, paws included. In addition, there are numerous options available for self-catering lodges and apartments, providing further flexibility and convenience. 


Eating out every night can put a strain on your budget, especially considering that many restaurants in popular tourist areas have higher prices. To save money, it’s worth determining if there’s a local supermarket near your accommodation. If so, stock up on essential items there instead of relying solely on dining out.

If your accommodation doesn’t offer all-inclusive options, you can further reduce expenses by enjoying a simple breakfast of toast and orange juice in the morning instead of going out to a local restaurant. This way, you can start your day off without overspending on breakfast while still satisfying your basic needs.

Practice Caution

Stay careful during your holiday, to avoid cases of injuries and illnesses, especially for your children. Use bottled water instead, and avoid food items that may have been prepared using impure water like rice, pasta and salad. If you are consuming meat that you did not prepare yourself, make sure it is well cooked and do not forget to keep everyone hydrated throughout. 

In addition, make sure that you and your loved ones have comprehensive insurance coverage before embarking on the trip. This will safeguard both your health and finances in the event of a medical emergency. Taking these precautions will help ascertain a safe and stress-free holiday for your family. 

Arrange for Days Out for the Kids

When planning your trip, it’s advisable to gather information regarding local attractions in advance. There are plenty of places to visit on the Isle of Wight. This will help you estimate the necessary finances and ensure that everyone gets to experience the attractions you pick. Rather than paying inflated prices for food and beverages at these locations, consider packing a picnic or bringing along some snacks to keep everyone satisfied throughout the day. By doing so, you can save money and use it to get your children a small souvenir or gift. 

Remember that you do not have to go all out every day in order to have a great time on vacation. It’s totally fine to schedule some rest days as relaxation is equally important. 

Additional Tips

Travelling with family can sometimes be challenging, with extended periods spent together in a confined space. However, you can make the trip more enjoyable by bringing along books, toys and tablets to keep the kids entertained. Car cleanliness is also important, so establish rules about rubbish disposal and encourage everyone to keep things clean and tidy. If you’re travelling with pets, ensure you have boot lines to protect the vehicle.


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