True Colors Collection

I am thrilled about Younique’s True Colors Collection. You get to choose six of your favorite eye pigment powders, with a complimentary Shader/Liner Brush. It is possible to use this brush for our pigment powders, of course. In addition, the liner side will come in handy for the ideal eye liner application.

What you’ll love about the True Colors collection is that it’s possible to develop your own bundle, choosing the perfect shades for your eyes. It is customizable, whatever the color of your eyes.

The pigments are carefully designed and crafted, with finely milled minerals, as well as vitamins and nutrition for the skin. The mineral pigment colors are either a matte powder or shimmer powder, depending on your preference.

 How to Apply the Mineral Eye Pigment Powder

A tiny amount of pigment powder will go a long way! Apply a little bit to your brush and dab all excess off in the lid. Directly apply to your eyelids.

Best Eye Shadow Shades for the Color of Your Eyes

  • Hazel/Green Eyes: Smoky neutrals, khaki, gold, taupe, plum, rose, warm brown, and mocha brown work best to bring your eye color out. Younique’s pigment colors that complement the above colors include: Heartbroken, Regal, Flirty, and Sexy.
  • Brown Eyes: Almost any color will work well with brown eyes: Consider bronze, copper, gold, earth tones, purples, plums, deep gray, champagne, smoky blue, pink tones, and green. Younique’s pigment colors that complement the above colors include: Flirty, Sexy, Infatuated, Dignified, and Curious.
  • Gray/Blue Eyes: Smoky blue, turquoise, neutral smoky, violet/purple, gray/silver/slate, taupe, and earth tones. Younique’s pigment colors that complement the above colors include: Naive, Curious, Infatuated, Sassy, Vulnerable, and Sexy.

With the True Colors Collection, you can create your perfect palette.


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