Unique Party Ideas

A party is a classic way to get together with friends, but that doesn’t have to mean that every party should look simple and familiar. You should get creative, because unique parties can be more fun! And if you’re at a loss for ideas on how to make your party stand out from the crowd, here are a few ideas to consider.

Night golf

Do you need to be able to see in order to play golf? Well, maybe to play it well, but where’s the fun in that? Night golf is fun and absurd, and it’s sure to be a winner at your next party.

Some golf courses offer night golf under bright lights, but you don’t actually need a well-lit course to have a great time. Night golf can be a ton of fun on a darker course if you outfit your crew with light-up gear and make a lighthearted evening of it. Just be sure not to sneak onto any courses where you’re not supposed to be, okay?

A surprise-location party

Usually, a party invitation lets you know when and where a party is. But what if it just said when? What if the location was a secret, and getting there was an adventure?

With the proper planning, you can pull off the same trick that has made public events like the famous Dîner en Blanc so popular and exciting. Just pick a spot and reserve a place for your party, and then invite your guests to meet up somewhere to find out where they’ll be headed! This idea works best when you have somewhere interesting to go, like a performance or a great restaurant. Just make sure that your guests are advised of essentials like dress codes ahead of time.

A private carnival

Everyone loves carnivals and fairs, so why not throw your own? With little more than a backyard or some space in a local park (be sure to register and get any necessary permits if you’re hosting your event in public), you can recreate the fun of a fair or carnival with a crowd that includes nobody other than your favorite people.

You can rent carnival and party games like dunk booths and bouncy castles, and you can also recreate popular games yourself with household items and a bit of DIY elbow grease (the latter is a great way to make this sort of party more affordable). It’s the ultimate theme party!

The moving party

The classic progressive dinner or the wild bar crawl are two examples of the fun moving party, in which the guests stay the same but the party travels from location to location. When you have a group with the energy and the will for this sort of party, you can really have a memorable good time. The shifting locations keep things engaging and interesting, and the multiple hosts can split up the work so that everyone has a chance to enjoy both the hosting experience and the guest experience.

Your moving party doesn’t have to be a super specific or structured thing — something as simple as a pregame session at your place before the bar will count. Adjust your party and your expectations to your preferences, and use the shifting locations to manage your responsibilities and your stress.

A planned shift to a bar could be the perfect way to get people to leave your house on time! Just make sure that it’s all in good fun and a part of the party, and that guests know ahead of time so that they don’t think they’re being booted unceremoniously.


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