Video Slot Games you Don’t want to Miss

In the late 19th century something exciting happened; the first slot machines appeared. This was a brand new concept, and something that really did capture the imagination of those who wanted to play now.

Not only could they have a lot of fun, but they were able to win real money too – at least until certain gambling restrictions came in. When that happened, the cash had to turn into gum, but the games were still of interest (and of course, eventually the restrictions were lifted and money could be won once more.

The first games were very simple. There were three reels and one payline, and that was it. You simply had to line up three winning symbols across the middle of the reels, and you were a winner. Later on, more reels and symbols were added, and that means more paylines, and this turned a fun game into a massively exciting one. 

These games kept being upgraded and changed and eventually video slots were produced. These slots used a digital screen instead of ‘real reels’ and everything was done virtually rather than with mechanics. Not everyone liked these changes, but that was okay; the older games were still in use. For those who liked the modernness of the video slots, which often have as many as five reels and up to 243 paylines, these new games were extremely interesting. 

Over time, as with most things, technology meant that video slots became even better. Now, as well as the original game, there were bonus games and mini-games. These were fun because they needed at least some level of skill to play, and they usually paid out more often than the basic game did. You could even find video slots that were played like videogames, with the player advancing through the levels, building up a stockpile of prizes as they go. 

Why Are Video Slots So Popular?

Now we know a little more about what video slots are, it’s important to find out why they are so popular? If you’ve never played before, you might not have any idea, but after reading on you could well decide that slots are just right for you. 

To begin with, video slots are easy to play. Even those with bonus games are still simple, and it won’t take long to learn the rules. This means you can get right on with the game play rather than having to study what to do. For first time players this can be a particularly attractive idea. 

The prizes are great too. It will depend how much you pay in and how many paylines you activate, but it is possible to win life-changing amounts on video slots, especially if they are progressive slots with a growing jackpot. Of course, the likelihood is that you’ll lose more than you win, but the fact is the chance is still there and this is exciting to many people. 

Finally video slots are convenient. You can play them at home on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and you can play them even if you only have a few minutes to spare. There is no need to leave the house and no need to travel anywhere special. You can enjoy video slots from anywhere. 

Video Slots To Play

Here are some of the best video slots you can play whenever you want to: 

  •         Wheel of Fortune
  •         Guns ‘n’ Roses
  •         Second Strike
  •         Starburst
  •         Flaming Hot
  •         Gladiator


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