Ways to Protect Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin from Outside Elements

A baby is a little human that still needs a lot of protecting from the world. His tiny body, especially his very sensitive skin, is prone to irritation from various environmental factors such as weather, heat, temperature and pollutants. Baby products like Aveeno can help with taking good care of a baby’s skin, but it’s important to make sure that you’re monitoring your baby round-the-clock especially in those early months. 

Here are some surefire ways to protect your baby’s sensitive skin:

During Hot Seasons

Baby’s skin doesn’t do that well in high heat. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures could cause redness, itching and irritation to baby’s skin. Friction, constant rubbing and contact with fabrics could cause rashes so make sure that you check your baby’s groin and armpits from time to time.

Here are some general guidelines when taking care of baby’s skin during the hot seasons:

  1. Mind your fabrics

Make sure that the clothes and fabrics that come in contact with baby’s skin are clean and washed frequently. Avoid rashes by using the right baby-safe and allergen-free detergent products when washing baby’s garments. Use baby-safe cotton fabrics that allow the skin to breathe.

  1. Limit exposure to possible irritants

There are some known natural irritants and it’s important to avoid getting baby’s sensitive skin in contact with them. If you’re planning to go out into the yard for a short while, always secure baby’s skin with a cotton blanket so it doesn’t come in contact with pollen or other potential source of irritations.

  1. Hydrate

Baby’s body needs hydration for healthy growth and cell regeneration. Make sure that you always include a baby bottle filled with water whenever you’re going out. Hydration is one of the best ways to make sure your baby stays protected from rising temperatures, rashes and other skin irritations.

During Cold Seasons

Baby’s skin doesn’t do well in cold temperatures. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures could allow baby’s skin to lose moisture, as well as expose him to possible sickness like colds, flu and fever. If your baby’s skin is experiencing dryness, moisturize with hypoallergenic lotion and use petroleum jelly to lubricate his dry lips.

Here are some of the ways to take care of baby’s skin during the cold seasons:

  1. Limit baths

A newborn baby doesn’t have fully developed sweat glands yet so he won’t need too many baths in a day. If the baby isn’t too dirty, just opt for wiping his body gently with warm water and a bit of baby soap. Avoid over bathing your baby especially during the cold months because his tiny body might not be able to withstand the cold weather, and it might end up doing more harm than good to both his well-being and his skin.

  1. Appropriate clothing

During the cold weather, your baby should be bundled enough to be warm but not too much that his skin won’t breathe well. If you’re going out, make sure that you bring extra clothing and change of clothes in case the material gets too cold. During winter, limit baby’s exposure to the outdoors but if you really need to go outside, make sure that baby has mittens, thick socks and ear muffs to protect his fingers, toes and ears.

  1. Comfortable night rest

One way of protecting your baby’s sensitive skin is making sure that he gets enough rest at night so that his body can repair itself and prepare for more developments. Make sure that the windows in your baby’s nursery is secure and that your baby has a comfortable blanket so that he won’t get cold at night. Don’t forget to let your baby wear socks and mittens for a good night’s rest.

  1. Consult a pediatrician

If ever rashes or irritations occur during the cold months, don’t attempt to address these issues by yourself. Doing so might cause more damage to your baby’s skin instead of healing it. Make sure to contact a pediatrician, especially if a certain issue has persisted for more than 24 hours.

If you have baby skin care concerns like what kind of products you should be using, you can ask the doctor about these questions.

Final Thoughts

A baby needs more care and protection from the outside world, and it’s your job as a parent to diligently cater to his skin needs, especially during the first few months when he can’t speak for himself. Make sure that he is always in a room that’s not too hot or too cold because your newborn is susceptible to sickness from extreme temperatures.



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