What You and Your Child Should Know When Choosing Glasses

If your kids use glasses, you both must evaluate all the possible sources before settling. There are a lot of challenges when choosing glasses for kids due to the more options available to match your particular needs. It’s even more challenging if it’s the first time you are purchasing glasses. There is a lot to look at when purchasing glasses apart from the fit and prescription.

The design and style of your glasses can play an important part when selecting the correct frames and lenses. If your kids need a pair of glasses due to their eyesight problems, it’s good they enjoy wearing them and get the benefits and results of prescription eyewear. The first step in treating vision issues is by undergoing the eye examination process.

Below is what our children should know when choosing glasses. Before purchasing a pair of glasses, parents and kids should have the following in mind.

Begin with the examination of the eye

Before shopping for different types of glasses, kids should know that doing the text is the first priority to discern the prescription. The text will begin by knowing the kid’s medical history. This will help the optometrist run a couple of texts to come up with the right prescription for your kid.

Frame size

There are a lot of frames available in various sizes. Therefore, kids should choose the right frame to fit their heads properly. Additionally, when selecting the frame side, it’s important to note how high their prescription is. Suppose the prescription is high; it’s best if they avoid high frames.

In combination, thick lenses with large frames may not look good and may also lead to peripheral distortions because of the additional aberrations close to the edge of the lens.

Plastic or metal frames

The selection between metal or plastic frames goes with the preference. Plastic frames have always been advised to children since they are more durable, weigh less, and are less expensive than metal frames. However, nowadays, manufacturers have come up with a new design for increased durability of metal frames.

Yet, kids should select the material they love and feels comfortable wearing.

Select a good style

If it’s their first pair of glasses, it is more important they feel okay about how they look before they get used to it. If they select a pair of glasses, they are not contented with how they look; they will be wearing them on rare occasions.

Lens material

The lens material is among the few things kids should consider before purchasing a pair of glasses. Suppose there is no need to buy anything out of the normal kids’ prescription; it’s perfect to use regular plastic lenses.

Lenses made from trivex or polycarbonate can be durable, more comfortable, and lightweight as compared to plastic lenses. They are also resistant to UV and will protect your kid’s eyes from harmful UV rays. Photochromic lenses are also another choice for kids’ lenses if they have issues with bright lighting conditions.


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