What You Need to Know About Waist Training

Have you ever heard about waist training? Do you know how this thing works? Basically, waist training refers to wearing steel-boned corsets in order to achieve an hourglass body shape. By cinching the corset tight, the waist trainer will be able to put together a woman’s floating ribs and do some rearranging on her internal parts in order to reduce her waist’s circumference. The result is semi-permanent and requires continuous corseting to achieve the best possible results.

Recently, famous celebrities like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have redefined waist training with the introduction of latex waist cinchers that can be worn during workouts. This has changed the waist training concept. Thus, women who are talking about waist training nowadays will most likely associate it with a workout plan.

Training vs. Taming

Knowing the differences between latex waist trainer and steel boned one and what they can do for you is important if you’re thinking of doing waist training.

What is Waist Training?

In waist training, you use a steel boned corset to modify your waist to an hourglass figure, which leads to semi-permanent results.

Women wear steel boned corsets for different reasons and for varying situations. Some people wear waist trainer as a form of fashion statement while other people wear the corset under the clothing to support their back and posture. However, most women wear the corsets in order to achieve that classic hourglass figure and make heads turn at any event they are attending. It’s not necessarily about losing weight when it comes to wearing the waist cincher. That coveted hourglass figure can be achieved as a result of the constant moving of the floating ribs and space reduction right at the abdomen area.

Weight loss can happen as a result of the corset acting like an external LAP band, which prevents you from eating large quantities while you put the corset on.

Is It Dangerous?

For as long as you listen to your body when doing waist training, then there’s definitely no danger that comes with it. Observe safety corsetry practices each time you wear a corset, no matter if you are someone who wears it as a form of a fashion statement or someone who’s a serious waist trainer.

To assess the safety of using waist training, it usually starts with this question – Has the corset caused you some pain? If your answer is yes, then you can simply loosen it or take it off!

Most women swear by the saying “no pain no gain”, but this doesn’t necessarily apply here. You don’t need to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation just to achieve a gorgeous hourglass shape. Breaking in a corset is also important so you can get used to wearing it. Always remember that when it comes to waist training, the idea is to go slow and steady.


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