When should you start preparing flower girl dresses – Some Essential Tips

Everything seems important when the wedding rolls over. From flower girl dresses to the ring bearer, each element is aced to perfection.Although not a lot of people pay attention to what the flower girl is wearing. Yet it is necessary that they look like little chirpy angels from heaven. So bring out your nieces, cousins or baby sister and let’s plan to get affordable and cheap flower girl dresses.

Follow our tips to get the prettiest flower girls who are happy, comfortable, and cheerful.

1. Choose your Own Attire:

A bride has total autonomy over deciding amongst flower girl dresses. However, it is best if the bride finalizes her outfit first. This will ensure that every little element of the wedding ties with the planned aesthetics.

Some brides choose ivory or white color for their flower girl’s dress. This is to emulate the bride itself and create a mini version of her. Alternatively, there are many brides who’d rather stick with the bridesmaid dress color palette for flower girl dresses.

2. Keep the Season in Mind:

Flower girls are little kids who need to be protected against extreme weather. You need to make sure that their attire is in coordination with the season’s demand. A nice way of being season inclusive could be embellished sweaters for colder seasons, whereas you can stick with sleeveless small frocks for warmer seasons.

3. Right Fit is Important:

Much like the fit for your own dress and your bridesmaid dresses, you need proper fit for the flower girl. The little girl mustn’t be uncomfortable and restricted in a small dress, whereas she shouldn’t even look like a frumpy girl. This can be ensured by getting their dress altered before a month of the wedding. As girls tend to grow quickly and a prior fitting may become small.

4. Fabric Matters:

Kids are prone to getting fidgety. While adults can brave it out in an itchy and uncomfortable dress, kids can’t bear it. So while also keeping the aesthetics in mind, ensure the comfort of the kid. Along with that, kids also tend to play around, slip and create tears in the dress. So choose a creaseless fabric that looks pretty effortlessly like satin. Do not go for silk as it is expensive and you should be smart and pick from cheap flower girl dresses.

5. Cost is Key:

A wedding is anyway a hub for expenditure. On top of that if you buy an expensive dress for the flower girl you will not benefit, as the girl will outgrow the dress soon enough. That is why the cost is the key. A bride-to-be can get great deals out of several options. She can look for flower girl dresses online or in departmental stores. She will definitely get a good bargain out of it. And she will be able to acquire from cheap flower girl dresses options.


Flower girl dresses are important but they are not as monumental. So don’t think too much upon it. Instead, use this time for other important functions and elements of your wedding.


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