Why Charter Jets are the Way to Travel During a Pandemic

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has impacted the way that people manage many tasks. That includes the way they travel. You plan on making a trip soon, but taking a commercial flight leaves you uneasy. One way to feel better about the traveling is to book a reservation with the NovaJet Toronto private jet charter company instead of flying on a traditional airline. Here are some of the reasons why this approach will be better for you right now.

Avoiding the Crowd at the Airport

Even with social distancing protocols in place, there’s still the need to be around quite a few people while checking in and waiting at the gate to board your commercial flight. Those encounters increase the potential for exposure even if you are masked and doing everything you can to maintain a reasonable amount of distance.

By contrast, you don’t have to deal with crowds if you opt for a charter flight. When you arrive at the airport, you proceed directly to the waiting jet. Your encounters with people that you don’t know are kept to a minimum. It’s also possible to board the jet as soon as your credentials are checked.

Control Over Who is on the Flight

Who will be on the flight? It’s possible to arrange things so that the only passengers are yourself and your immediate family. Since the service will make sure the cabin is sanitized and disinfected prior to boarding, it will be safe for you and your loved ones to relax and not have to wear masks for the entire flight.

Think of the peace of mind this brings. You’ll be around people who have already been your companions during the pandemic. Since you already know that everyone on the flight has been observing proper precautions, it’s easier to relax and enjoy the trip.

No Need to Meet Connecting Flights

With commercial flights, there’s always the possibility that a direct flight is out of the question. Instead, you may have to board a connecting flight along the way. That means one more round of possibly being exposed to someone who has the virus and doesn’t know it.

With many charter flights, you don’t have to deal with any connections. Even if the jet has to stop for refueling, you can often remain on the jet. Use the time to take a nap, look out the window, or walk around the cabin.

The Ability to Land at Smaller Airports

Charter flights can land in many locations that are not open to their larger commercial counterparts. That’s good news for you, since your destination happens to be one of the top travel destinations amid COVID-19 that’s located a couple of hours away from a major airport. The fact that there’s a municipal airport close to your destination means less driving time once you do land.

It also means that there will be no long trek to get to the return flight once your vacation is over. Since you had the foresight to set up the return trip to leave around noon, it will be easier to sleep in and still get to the airport by your desired departure time.

Charter flights are great options at any time, but they are especially effective during a pandemic. If you need to travel for any reason, give this option serious consideration. You’ll be glad that you did.


Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash


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