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Sometimes as a parent we have to make sacrifices, which is totally cool with me, a little.

My only problem is they won’t know the sacrifices we make until they’re grown and have kids of their own.

They will never fully understand the sleepless nights and what it does to a human to be thrown up on.

They won’t get that taking them to tumbling instead of watching tv makes us at times sad.

They won’t understand when they get a boo boo it rips our hearts out and its then stabbed to death (yikes gruesome but you get the full point don’t you).

They wont understand that when they get frustrated with homework there are times when you want to rip it up and say “yo lets play barbies instead” but can’t.

They will never get that sometimes you have to say no, but would rather say “hell yeah girlfriend sounds cool, lets eat candy for dinner.”

They won’t know how it feels to have a child ask for 15 things down every single aisle of food lion and look at you like you’re a lunatic when your crying and screaming in the car from the stress.

They wont understand your heartbreak when they can’t talk and you know they have things to say and all you want for them is to not struggle in life academically as you have.

They will never know about the times where your fear of losing or anything bad happening to them kept you up all night.

They will never fully undertsand true love until they have their own kids.


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