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Plan for adventure and make the most of family-time this upcoming weekend. Plan one or more of these fun and affordable fun family activities and make priceless memories.

Eat Out… side

Fall is a great time of year to be outdoors and enjoy the changing scenery. Choose an outdoor location at your favorite park, pack a lunch and go out for lunch! Turn it into a learning experience and make it even more memorable by packing a food item or two from other cultures, that your kids have never tried. Bring a book and a map about that country and read a little bit about that country.

Kick it with the kids

Grab a soccer ball and head to the backyard or park! This is one of the simplest yet fun-packed activities you will do all weekend. Kicking and running after a soccer ball can be one of the easiest and most intriguing coordination activities for the kids. Even though learning how to kick a soccer ball through trial and error can be fun, it can also be difficult. Be sure to take along a SockIt and make this time more memorable and less frustrating for your child. Getting that swing just right may allude them for a while. The SockIt will let your child know immediately if they have correctly kicked the ball by lighting up when it detect the correct swing.

This light-up kicking device is designed to improve your kid’s soccer game so they can level up on form, power, and technique. Not only does it light up with every correct kick, it helps them improve their accuracy, so they can score more goals. The SockIt comes in four cool colors and is made from industrial-strength thermal plastic rubber and able to withstand shock, impact, and other extreme conditions. The device also has six LEDs powered with a replaceable lithium battery. One size fits all. For players 5-12 years old.

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Capture the Flag

This was a favorite in my neighborhood as a child. Grab two towels of different colors – cut a piece for each player. You should have at least six players. Arrange everyone into two teams, one for each color. Divide your yard or playing area into two territories and place the flags at the back of each.

Each player will try to get to the opposite territory and capture the opponents flag. If a player is tagged by the other team, they are out. When a player captures a flag, they are safe and can return to their territory. The first team to capture all flags of the opposing team is the winner!

Go Hiking

This is another physical activity fall-favorite! It’s fun to hike any time of year, but we especially love the beautiful colors found in the autumn months. There are so many things that kids can observe, learn, and enjoy while out on a hike – especially if it is a pleasant fall day. Head to your nearest state or national park, grab a map of their trails and start out on the perhaps the easiest and shortest one first. Take along a backpack with provisions such as water and a snack of some sort.

Don’t rush the kids along too much. Let them enjoy the nature that surrounds them and enjoy the sounds that come with it. If you have any field guides that discuss different trees, plants, and flowers – bring that as well and see how many you can find.

Create a leaf collection

The different shapes and colors of leaves in the fall are very intriguing for younger children – and they can take them home for art projects. Take a walk or find an arboretum that allows you to collect fallen leaves. Bring along a tote or bag to hold the fun leaves you’ve found. When you get home, press them between contact paper and construction paper or use them to create rubbings by placing them underneath a piece of paper and using a crayon to rub the leaf’s imprint onto the page.


There are so many ways that we can teach our children to contribute to their community. Keep in mind that the age of your children will determine what activities they can participate in. Some retirement communities will allow you to come in and visit with residents. There may also be sprucing up opportunities around your community where you can volunteer to plant flowers, pick weeds, clear small debris and generally make the area more inviting.

Go stargazing

Grab a blanket and a star chart and head out just as it turns dark. Choose a spot that gives you a clear and unobstructed view of the sky and spend an evening relaxing under the stars while everyone looks for the many different starts, constellations and planets visible. The fresh air is also a great element to help everyone sleep a little better that night! That’s a plus for us!

Go on a scavenger hunt

This is another favorite of ours! In fact, we had a scavenger hunt just last night! Create a handful of clues that lead the kids from one location to another around the house and yard – and leave a prize at the end. For a more themed hunt – turn it into a treasure hunt by using dollar store items and creating a map on a brown paper bag that has been wrinkled just a bit. You could begin the day by ‘hiding’ the map in a location the kids will easily find on their own in the morning.

Sensory cooking

Kids love to help in the kitchen! Allow them to feel accomplished by letting them ‘make lunch’ this weekend. Choose a recipe that allows for clean hands to touch different ingredients and gives their senses an adventure of their own. Pizza dough will be fun for the kids to squeeze between their fingers. Rolling cookies in their hands is also fun! The squishier the ingredient, the better!

Making your own Halloween costumes

Halloween can be so much fun for kids! Costumes can be increasingly pricey, so why not make your own! Kids spend so much time creating their own pretend outfits – let them show it off this Halloween! Allow them the use of clothes and jewelry you no longer wear, and maybe even take a trip to the dollar store for lower-priced costume enhancements.

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