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Besides providing a safe space for your baby, a play yard has many other advantages. They allow moms who are constantly stressed about their babies to relax a lot more and can even complement your interior. There are many reasons why you should invest in a playard for your baby.

1. Provides a secure zone

It is no secret that babies are active and they move quickly from one place to another if you keep your eyes off them for a second. If your baby is playing in an open space, you can’t let them explore without keeping a constant watch over them. He/she might bump into unsafe objects or gain access to dangerous areas in the home. This will contribute to a greater risk of injuries and unsafe falls. In a confined play yard, your baby can play and explore safely. You don’t have to worry about them grabbing hold of your appliances or knocking down expensive items.

2. Allows The Parent To Perform Other Tasks

It can be extremely time-consuming to constantly chase after your baby or leave your work area to check on them. We are all aware that moms have plenty of other jobs to tackle along with taking care of their baby. A play yard makes it very convenient to keep a safe watch on your baby and perform other tasks at the same time. Since the play yard is confined, you can do your work with peace of mind knowing that your baby won’t be going anywhere.

3. Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Many play yards can be assembled and disassembled easily. This allows it to be set up literally anywhere as long as you have the space for it. If you are cooking and there is no one to watch your baby, you can set it up on the kitchen floor or near the kitchen. This will help you to keep watch from a safe distance. Similarly, if you are working at your desk, you can set up the play yard near it. In good weather conditions, you can even set it up outside.

4. Space For Multiple Babies

If you’re considering a play yard for babies be sure it can accommodate up to 2 or more babies. If you have other kids it can be a great way to encourage playing together safely. If your relatives or guests come over and they have kids, a play yard is very convenient. You can spend time with your guests and relatives without worrying too much about the kids.

5. Limits Messes To One Area

If your baby is doing sensory play activities which involve messy items like paint, clay or slime, it can get quite messy. In an open space, your baby might move from one place to another and spread the mess. The last thing you want is to see paint on your white walls or all over the couch. While a play yard doesn’t eliminate messes, it confines them to a single area. This way you won’t have to spend hours cleaning your kid’s messes.

6. Helps Your Baby To Play Independently

It is very important to encourage independent play in babies. It improves their coordination skills and motor abilities. However many parents are hesitant to allow their babies to play independently since they have to keep a constant watch over them. Without any confinement, babies can move quickly to different parts of the house where it is unsafe for them. With a play yard, babies can be left to play independently and the parent will feel more relaxed knowing that he/she is confined.

7. It is Customizable

Play yards are available in a variety of shapes, colours, materials and also includes other extra features. Some play yards have colourful panels which have toys in them. This will keep your baby occupied for long periods of time. Depending on the amount of space available in your home, you can choose either a small or large play yard. If you give importance to aesthetics, you can choose a play yard colour according to the colour of your interiors. You can also choose your desired shape whether it is rectangular, hexagonal or square.

8. Allows Active Play Indoors

Play yards allow babies to engage in active play indoors. In bad weather conditions, you cannot let your baby play outside since there is a risk of getting sick or injured. However, with play yards, your baby can play actively within a safe and confined area.

9. Serves Multiple Purposes

Play yards are very versatile and flexible. You can use them for more than one purpose. If you want your baby to be close by while she/he is napping, you can place a mattress and a few blankets in your play yard to turn it into a bed. You can fill your play yard with balls and turn it into a ball pit. The options are endless!

10. Protection From Pets

If you have a cat or dog which constantly annoys your baby while he/she is playing, a play yard can help keep them out. This will also help to prevent injuries in case of more aggressive pets.


If you are a mom who struggles with coming up with ways to keep your baby occupied, consider purchasing a play yard. You won’t have to spend your whole day chasing after your baby and you can even tackle important tasks on the side.


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