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I always wanted a baby girl. Besides the obvious self-interest in trying to create my clone 😉 , the fact that girl things (dresses, shoes, toys, accessories) are always way more fun than mundane boy things, kept me hoping for a girl till the end of my pregnancy.

Then sonny came.

As much as I loved being a mom, I was not sure how to handle a boy. Of course, I was a newbie at this whole parenting gig, but somehow, in my head, I thought I would be able to manage a baby girl way better than a baby boy.

Now, as I look back at my 4 years work-experience 😉 being a boy’s mother, I can’t help, but appreciate some of the things that I have learned in the process of raising sonny.

So here’s my list of 10 things that I love about being a boy’s mother:

1. No Dearth Of Male Attention 😉 : 

Hubby may forget to notice my change of earrings or perhaps a new dress, but sonny never fails to notice even the minutest alteration in my appearance. And to top it, he always gives a heartfelt compliment! “Oh, new dress? You are looking so nice, Ma.” Awww! That’s enough to melt any mommy’s heart!

2. Hair Care? Don’t Care:

As much as I admire long hair on little girls and those oh-so-cute ponytails and braids from a distance, I would rather brush sonny’s super short hair in two seconds – Sometimes brushing equals running my fingers through his hair – than spend precious minutes caring for and maintaining my hypothetical daughter’s long hair.

3. Pee Breaks? No Sweat:

Ever since sonny learned how to pee standing up, pee breaks are not a big deal at all, especially when we are on the road or when the public restrooms are not-so-clean. I am sure moms of boys already got a mental picture of what I am talking about here. Need I say more 😉 ?

4. Clothes, Optional:

Boys love being minimalists when it comes to their sartorial choices. Shirts are unbuttoned and thrown away, Salman Khan style and occasional pants are pulled down and discarded because “It’s too hot out here!”. No one rolls their eyes at this sudden nudist behavior.

But you may ask, how exactly does it impact me and how come I love it? Well, I don’t really love the “no clothes” look, but I do appreciate the proportional decrease in laundry 😉

And also the fact that boys have limited clothing choices means getting ready to go out is faster. Shirt, check. Underpants & Pants, check. Socks & Shoes, check…And Done.

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