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I always wanted a baby girl. Besides the obvious self-interest in trying to create my clone ūüėČ , the fact that girl things (dresses, shoes, toys, accessories) are always way more fun than mundane boy things, kept me hoping for a girl till the end of my pregnancy.

Then sonny came.

As much as I loved being a mom, I was not sure how to handle a boy. Of course, I was a newbie at this whole parenting gig, but somehow, in my head, I thought I would be able to manage a baby girl way better than a baby boy.

Now, as I look back at my 4 years work-experience ūüėČ being a boy’s mother, I can’t help, but appreciate some of the things that I have learned in the process of raising sonny.

So here’s my list of 10 things that I love about being a boy’s mother:

1. No Dearth Of Male Attention ūüėČ :¬†

Hubby may forget to notice my change of earrings or perhaps a new dress, but sonny¬†never fails to¬†notice even the minutest alteration in my appearance. And to top it, he always¬†gives a heartfelt compliment! “Oh, new dress? You are looking so nice, Ma.” Awww! That’s enough to melt any mommy’s heart!

2. Hair Care? Don’t Care:

As much as I admire¬†long hair on little girls and those oh-so-cute ponytails and braids from a distance, I¬†would rather brush sonny’s super short hair in two seconds –¬†Sometimes brushing equals running my fingers through his hair –¬†than spend precious minutes caring for and maintaining my hypothetical daughter’s long hair.

3. Pee Breaks? No Sweat:

Ever since sonny learned how to pee standing up, pee breaks are not a big deal at all, especially when¬†we are on the road¬†or when the public restrooms are not-so-clean. I am sure moms of boys already got a mental picture of what I am talking about here. Need I say more ūüėČ ?

4. Clothes, Optional:

Boys love being¬†minimalists when it comes to their sartorial choices. Shirts are unbuttoned¬†and thrown away, Salman Khan style and occasional pants are¬†pulled down and discarded because “It’s too hot out here!”.¬†No one rolls their eyes at this sudden nudist behavior.

But you may ask, how exactly does it impact me and how come¬†I love¬†it? Well, I don’t really love the “no clothes” look, but I do appreciate the proportional decrease in laundry ūüėČ

And also the fact that boys have limited clothing choices means getting ready to go out is faster. Shirt,¬†check. Underpants & Pants, check. Socks & Shoes, check…And Done.

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