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Your thirties is the time when you have a complete idea of what you need in life. Here you are in a position to effectively manage whatever happens between you and your friends or colleagues at work. This is also the time you do not want to remain single. You need a partner with whom you will eventually start a family. Much is being said out there about how difficult it is to date, especially if you are in your thirties. You will come across many articles that mention the biological clock issue. Well, this may be true to some extent. Remember, when you are in your twenties, you have all the energy to date, and getting into a relationship—even after a breakup—is not a big deal. However, in your thirties, dating comes with some urgency, and here are a few truths about it.

  1. Looks are no longer given the first priority

While someone’s looks may draw your attention, this someone may not have time for you if you are in your thirties. At this time, if you need a partner in your life, much consideration will be given to things like life objectives, values, and interests, as opposed to physical appearance.

  1. Dating apps and sites become your best friend

In your thirties, you are likely sleeping late and waking up early because of work. It is therefore common, and yes, a legitimate excuse, to not go out to meet people. This is where dating apps and sites like come in handy. You will be spending much time on these sites trying to find someone interested in a serious relationship.

With many options available, it’s essential to navigate the dating world wisely. To save you time and effort, Online For Love experts have compiled a list of the best dating apps for young adults, ensuring you have the highest chances of finding that special someone who shares your aspirations and values.

  1. You will like to know immediately if your relationship is going somewhere

Time flies, so when you are in your thirties, you do not have the luxury of wasting any of it on a relationship that is not serious. Here you realize that you do not have time for fun and games, and that there is no need to spend any more time with someone if you do not click by the third date.

  1. You will be taking dating seriously

Taking dating seriously at this time can be good and, to some extent, not so good. It is good because you do not want someone wasting any of your precious time. It can also be bad because you may end up settling for a relationship that may not work in the long run.

  1. You are frustrated with this common question: Why are you still single?

When you are in your thirties, people know that you are old enough to be in a relationship. Expect this question, even though it may frustrate you.

  1. You give more priority to hiding anxiety that arises from you being single

You will say that you don’t often think about getting married or finding true love, when actually it is the opposite.

  1. The likelihood of falling in love with someone with serious emotional issues is high

When a person is in their thirties, it means they have seen a lot. Settling in with someone with emotional issues from a past relationship cannot be avoided.

  1. You begin informing your parents about any date you go on so that they will be less worried as to whether or not they will have grandchildren

Parents will start to get worried if they see their children hitting thirty with no children, especially if you are an only child.

  1. Chance meetings can be romantic, but dating sites will be more practical

If you really need a partner in your life, then the best opportunity to find one will be on dating sites.

  1. It is easier if you live in a big city

While you may be stigmatized at times, living in a bigger city will take off some pressure, as you will find more people who are single and in their thirties.


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