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Did you receive another shockingly high electricity bill this month? You may think that high energy prices are one reason for your increased energy bills, and you won’t be wrong. Yes, energy prices are rising, but that doesn’t mean you have to make peace with exorbitant electricity bills.

Your wasteful energy usage is another major factor contributing to steep energy bills. If you’re serious about keeping your utility bills in check, it’s time to reevaluate and improve your consumption habits. Here are some ways you may be wasting energy in your everyday life.

1.  Not Running a Full Load

Whether you’re washing dishes or doing laundry, avoid running the dishwasher or washing machine with half loads. These appliances consume a significant amount of electricity and water. So make it a habit to operate such appliances only when you have a full load to wash.

2.  Never Adjusting the Thermostat

Keeping the temperature consistent throughout the day is probably costing you a lot. Instead of keeping your thermostat on high all day, dial it back when you’re sleeping or going to work. It would also be helpful to upgrade to a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature.

3.  Forgetting Vampire Appliances

Vampire or phantom appliances continue to consume electricity despite being turned off. Rather than leaving them plugged in, you should unplug vampire appliances after use. For convenience, consider getting a smart power strip, so you don’t have to unplug appliances every time.

4.  Not Turning Off Lights

Do you often forget to turn off the lights when you’re leaving a room or the house? This seemingly harmless habit is burning a hole in your wallet. Try to be more conscious of your energy consumption habits. Always remember to turn off lights when not in use. You can also consider installing motion sensor lights.

5.  Just Relying on Air Conditioning

Blasting the air conditioning on high to keep cool during summer is driving up your energy bills. Rather than just relying on air conditioning, install fans in your house to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

6.  Overusing Hot Water

Do you wash your clothes with hot water even on summer days? Stop using hot water to do your laundry during summer months. For further energy savings, you can also start line-drying clothes.

7.  Neglecting Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system won’t work efficiently if you don’t get it routinely serviced by a professional. Get your HVAC system professionally checked and serviced at least twice a year. You should also clean and replace the air filters regularly.

8.  Inadequate Insulation

When was the last time you inspected your home’s insulation? Insulation is crucial to prevent excess energy loss. Get an expert onboard to ensure your doors, windows, basement, attic, garage and other areas are properly insulated.

9.  Using Inefficient Lighting Fixtures

The world has moved on from incandescent lights and you should too. Replace these energy-hogging fixtures with LEDs. Yes, LED lights cost more, but they are much more energy-efficient as well as highly durable.

10.  Wearing Unseasonal Clothes

Avoid wearing just a single layer of clothing during winters and depending on the heating to keep you warm. Wearing a few extra layers can help reduce the need for indoor heating.

11.  Poor Kitchen Habits

There are several ways you may be wasting energy in your kitchen. Do you preheat the oven for hours? Do you leave the refrigerator door open for prolonged periods? Is your refrigerator understocked? Are your kitchen appliances outdated and ill-kept? All these factors are inflating your energy bills.

Final Words

You can easily change the aforementioned habits and enjoy significant energy savings! If your energy bills are high despite implementing energy-efficient changes, it’s time to switch to a new energy provider. Check out competitively-priced AGL electricity plans.


Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash


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