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Beach season is officially here and ENERGYbits is all about helping you be fit and fab for the summer!

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1. Algae tablets are a low calorie snack with a nutritional punch.

Each BIT contains ONE ingredient (algae), ONE calorie and ZERO net carbs. But don’t be fooled by their small size. The tiny BITS are nutritionally mighty! Each BIT has over forty nutrients including vitamins like A, B, E, K1, K2 and minerals like, zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

2. Algae tablets are loaded with protein to stave off hunger.

All algae BITS® (tablets) contain at least 60% protein, the highest concentration of protein in the world (3 times the protein found in steak). Protein is an important macronutrient that decreases hunger and cravings so you can focus more on that gorgeous beach sunset.

3. Algae tablets provide steady energy to fuel your summer fun.

SKINNYbits® and ENERGYbits® are an ideal way to stay energized this summer and are exactly the same! We just package them in different colors (blue and pink) to accommodate different interests! Both are 100% Non-GMO, organically grown spirulina tablets. No need for caffeine or sugar when you have Bits® in your beach bag! Get your energy naturally from algae’s B Vitamins which convert glucose to energy; nitric oxide which improves blood flow; iron which carries oxygen to your brain and Essential Fatty Acids like Omega-3 and GLA which keep your mind focused on the important things like your loved ones! A handful in the morning or in your smoothie and you’ll be ready to rule the pool!

4. Algae tablets are an easy breezy beach snack.

No need to fuss over food on the beach. BITS® OF SUMMER make summer eating easy, fun and fast. Just toss your travel tin of BITS® into your beach bag and when it’s time to take a break, crack open your tin and boom you’re done. No refrigeration, no cooking, no mess, no trash either. That’s why we include a handy travel tin inside each bag of BITS®- so you can have a healthy snack on the road. Summer is just better with BITS®. Tan lines optional.

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