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Every family goes through their own unique challenges for different reasons. It could be as a result of misunderstandings, differences, or financial challenges. However, such conflicts can take a toll on your health as well as your overall wellbeing. It is, therefore, in your best interest to look for ways that you can manage the situation as well as find mutual grounds. It isn’t always an easy process, but it is necessary for the sake of peace and salvaging your relationships. On that note, this article is going to list three things that typically cause family conflict and how you can avoid them.

Showing Favoritism

If you have children, a common cause of family feud is showing favoritism. It could mean giving some children more attention than you do others or giving them financial gifts or rewards while not giving it to others. Some things that often cause favoritism include one child having an easier temperament and being better behaved or treating them differently because you feel they have differing needs. However, favoritism can have negative effects, and one of them is causing sibling rivalry. This could be because jealousy begins to grow between siblings as well as resentment which is unhealthy for all parties involved. To avoid this, it’s imperative that parents make a conscious effort to treat all kids equally. In scenarios where you do treat them differently, explaining why could also go a long way.


One common cause of family conflict is very often a will or inheritance. This is usually left by the deceased as a way of allocating assets and stating their wishes after they’ve passed. However, beneficiaries as well as loved ones are sometimes not happy with the will or feel that there’s been a mistake. In serious cases, this could resort to the family going to court, especially in the case of contesting a will. If you happen to be in a similar situation, you should visit and see how they can help you resolve the issue and find peace in your situation. Hopefully, irreversible damage hasn’t been done in terms of relationships, and you can still reconcile.


Another cause of family conflict is in-laws or extended family. This often happens when they begin becoming overly involved in personal family matters by interfering with your decisions, choices, and lifestyle. Some tips on managing in-law relationships include ensuring your loyalty is to your spouse, reminding yourself of why you’re doing it, as well as focusing on the things that you have control of. It’s also key that you try and understand where they’re coming from and stand your ground when push comes to shove.

If you want to resolve family conflict effectively, you have to take the necessary steps to diffuse the situation and try and compromise. At times, this can’t be done alone, so a professional has to be involved to help mediate. However, always remember that family is important, so doing whatever you can to prevent conflict or avoid it if possible is essential for your wellbeing.


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